Case Study – Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH)

Ending Homelessness in Connecticut

The Challenge

For years, multiple agencies across Connecticut had implemented a variety of HMIS platforms, but were unable to adequately coordinate services. As Connecticut’s Continuum of Care agencies (CoCs) – which once numbered 13 – were consolidated into two, federal and state partners and nonprofits sought a way to manage all their data and clients while remaining HMIS compliant.

There was no way of tracking clients and, in many instances, the ability to follow clients from shelter to shelter was impossible. Connecticut needed a comprehensive HMIS case management solution that could provide access to homeless resources statewide so partners could better target – and coordinate – their efforts to those who needed help. The solution had to be flexible enough to meet the needs of different CoCs, state agency funders, and nonprofit providers, while allowing each entity to maintain its individual user licenses.

About Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness

The Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH) was founded in 1982 in response to increased homelessness resulting from cuts to federal assistance programs, low wages, and a rise in housing costs. The coalition represents more than 75 partners – emergency shelter providers, transitional housing providers, community and business leaders – who all share the goal to end homelessness. CCEH works with communities throughout the state to advance this goal through leadership, advocacy, research, and education.

To assist CCEH in their efforts to end homelessness, they have teamed up with CaseWorthy’s Case Management Software and seen some great benefits.  

Though we’re a small state, there are a lot of local configurations in our system. We don’t just have our HUD-funded projects. We also have a lot of small soup kitchens, homeless outreach projects, mental health providers, permanent and rapid re-housing beds, and hospitals that are all participating as part of our organization. We made the decision to go with CaseWorthy due to its flexibility, and how much easier it was to use than the multiple platforms used in Connecticut before.
— Brian Roccapriore
CCEH Director of HMIS and Strategic Analysis

How We Helped

A Single, Centralized Database

All data is all securely stored in a single database, so it’s easier for everyone to work together to meet common goals. Having the entire state on a single HMIS platform saves partner agencies across Connecticut valuable time and money since they’re now able to access all data from a central location.

Tracking and Reporting

Now that Connecticut is under one system, all funders and providers have access to the same data in order to gather information specific to their program and service offerings. The ability to almost instantly retrieve this information makes it easier for CCEH to produce accurate HMIS compliance and other reports.

Coordinated Intakes

Shared intake and assessment tools via a central web portal empower all CCEH partners statewide with 24/7 access to the information and resources they need anytime, from anywhere there’s an internet connection.


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