Healthy Food Solutions by Millonzi Fine Catering

Healthy Food Solutions by Millonzi Fine Catering and Rhode Island BCBS Help Address Food Insecurity Through Innovative Food Delivery Program Powered by ServTracker

Millonzi Fine Catering, a Rhode Island-based catering company founded in 2010, isn’t ServTracker’s typical client. The business faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, impacting their traditional catering business. The company’s owner and founder, Kevin Millonzi, a Johnson and Wales graduate with an extensive background in the catering industry and a long history with a local chapter of Meals on Wheels, decided to pivot the business toward addressing food insecurity. Food insecurity is a significant social determinant of health that can have profound effects on an individual’s physical and mental health. 

In collaboration with Rhode Island Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), the company initiated a pilot program, Health Food Solutions, in December 2020–January 2021, aiming to provide fresh, nutritious food directly to older adults in need through Flexible Benefit Cards. The company was founded with the goal of making it easier for seniors to maintain a healthy diet, and to provide them with an alternative to processed and unhealthy packaged foods. The company tries to source many of its ingredients from local farms and producers, and all of its meals are prepared by expert chefs who are trained in the art of creating healthy and delicious dishes.  

Additional Services:  

  • Healthy Food Solutions primarily serves dual eligible populations, individuals who are enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid.  
  • BCBS offers a defined Discharge Meal Benefit which provides meal delivery for patients who have had an inpatient hospital or skilled nursing facility stay within the past 30 days, (up to four (4) times per benefit year). This is an opt-in benefit that 87,000 Rhode Island beneficiaries are eligible to receive. Healthy Food Solutions conducts direct outreach to help people understand their benefits.   
  • Serves as the only online SNAP vendor in Rhode Island. 

The Challenge

The company faced the challenge of efficiently managing and documenting their food delivery program, especially as it expanded to include the discharge program and cater to diverse dietary needs and health conditions. 

I like what I get with ServTracker. They understand what my business is trying to accomplish. Our customer service rep is perfect—she knows our account, she knows me, she understands what we do and the programs we facilitate. She takes care of whatever I need. She always has or finds the answer to any questions we have.
— Kevin Millonzi
Owner/Founder, Millonzi Fine Catering

How We Helped

Quick Implementation

Kevin Millonzi sat on the IT system search committee for his chapter of Meals on Wheels which had ultimately chosen ServTracker over a decade ago because they were looking for a better, articulated system. When he started his pilot with BCBS, he immediately called ServTracker because of this long, successful history and a beautiful partnership was born.

Millonzi required a fast solution to cope with their rapidly growing project. ServTracker delivers a quick time to value, which made it an ideal choice for this project. It’s out of the box standard implementation includes a wide range of features. These features combined with its flexibility to match various processes and workflows allowed the Millonzi team to hit the ground running, entering clients and tracking services within weeks of contract signature.

Customization by CaseWorthy

Concurrently to Millonzi’s implementation, CaseWorthy developed a custom process for BCBS to securely deliver member data to the Millonzi team. This includes thousands of files daily that contain member demographics, plan details, eligibility statuses, benefit levels, and subscription dates. It also incorporates automated reconciliation processes, auditing and alerting. The customization was a requirement for Millonzi to win their contract with BCBS. This is just one example of CaseWorthy’s ability to develop creative solutions that meet customer requirements while also considering restricted budgets and timelines.

As the data is received from BSCS, client records are automatically created and/or updated in ServTracker. Because the process is automated, it is delivered frequently, keeping BCBS and Millonzi data sets in sync. The automation also saves Millonzi time, eliminating the need for manual data entry and allowing them to focus on what they do best, feeding their clients!

Finally, ServTracker provides all reporting back to BCBS on behalf of Millonzi. The data deliveries are scheduled, automated and secure. This saves the Millonzi team hours manually pulling information and putting together data sets for end of month reporting. It’s easier than “a click of a button”—they don’t even have to click a button. The data simply flows where it is needed, when it is needed, and it’s done so safe and securely.

Efficient Documentation

Millonzi utilizes ServTracker as a “one stop solution” for everything from enabling efficient documentation of benefits and entries, to facilitating HIPAA-compliant communication with insurance companies on utilization, to benefits and entries, and weekly reporting to BCBS. The BCBS work was evolving and so was their use of the technology.

“We were learning as we went since this was a pilot. The Medicaid director put a lot of faith in what they could as it evolved to see what worked and didn’t work. It was nice to have a good, flexible partner with CaseWorthy,” said Millonzi. “I like what I get with ServTracker, I have good customer service reps. ServTracker understands what my business is trying to accomplish.”

Continuous Improvement and Support

The CaseWorthy Professional Services Team worked hand in hand with Millonzi to show them how best to use the tool to meet their specific use cases. As the pilot expanded, so did the relationship with CaseWorthy and Millonzi. The teams developed a cadence of continuous improvement, working together to solve new challenges and gain efficiencies. CaseWorthy delivered a fast, reliable solution, helping Millonzi reach their technology solution goals to include a streamlined, secure process with a direct return on investment. 

When asked about Healthy Food Solutions’ specific ServTracker customer service representative, Millonzi said, “She’s perfect. She knows our account, she knows me, she understands what we do and the programs we facilitate. She takes care of whatever I need. She always has or finds the answer to any questions we have.”


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