CaseWorthy Unveils Their Innovative Approach to Communicating with Clients – CommHUB, the Tool Every HHS Organization Needs

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This past year, we all struggled to find our new normal and still communicate like we used to. This is especially true for HHS Providers, who are expected to have frequent, compassionate communication AND have stringent policies in place to retain privacy for clients. This need led CaseWorthy to develop a new tool within their case management software – CommHUB.

At its core, CommHUB is a communication platform where internal teams can collaborate, external providers can be alerted, and clients can get connected with Case Workers. It uses end-to-end encryption to safeguard client data so Case Workers can spend less time worrying about compliance and more time helping people. With CommHUB, System Administrators have access to highly customizable user permissions to keep data secure and empower clients to access as much information possible.

CommHUB is unique because it integrates with CaseWorthy’s case management software to save time and energy. CommHUB is designed to handle the rigorous demands of HHS providers, yet user-friendly and easily accessible across multiple devices.

For over 13 years, CaseWorthy has provided case management software for Nonprofits, Government Agencies, and other HHS Providers around the country. With CommHUB, they hope to empower these organizations with every tool they need to provide the best level of care possible.

About CaseWorthy:

Established in 2008, CaseWorthy has been raising the bar on how human service organizations interact with their software partner. CaseWorthy enables organizations to successfully capture and manage client data in one, secure location. Built from the ground up around the idea that case management software should support the needs and workflows of the staff and organization rather than dictate how they work, CaseWorthy supports the daily efforts and data needs for hundreds of human service organizations and community initiatives. By consolidating data and systems into a single platform, CaseWorthy helps nonprofits and other government agencies access the information they need to better coordinate services and more effectively address the 360 degree needs of every individual and family they serve.

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