New Company Holiday – Juneteenth

New Company Holiday - JuneteenthAmerica’s history consists of the stories of many people from the world’s diaspora. At our nation’s conception, our founders fought for freedom from the British and in declaring our independence they stated that, “all men are created equal”.  All men certainly did not mean all humans residing on the land. Our foundation was structured on inequality, no matter the words those in power chose to inscribe on the founding documents. While much has changed since our country’s birth, we still have a long way to go before we can truly declare that all people are equal in our great country.

We can’t move forward successfully without understanding where we came from. To honor both the Black Americans who did not receive credit but were vital in the development of our country’s foundation and to be aware of the first step our country made in the right direction towards equality, CaseWorthy will include June 19th in our list of holidays.

America’s history has always been two steps forward and one to two steps back. We are improving, but we can never grow strong and united without knowing exactly how we got to where we are today. Our country was built on the backs of powerful people, whose freedom was stolen–people who were greatly abused and dictated to be less than human. We will honor all our independence in honoring June 19th.


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