CaseWorthy, Inc., Employees Bring Years of Experience to the Human Service Industry!

Many employees at CaseWorthy, Inc., have experience working in the human service organizations we serve.  Their experience has helped CaseWorthy, Inc., become the leader in the human service case management sector.  With their knowledge and experience, they have truly helped develop a case management system that meets the specific demands of serving those in need in our communities.

One, in particular, is our Senior Sales Executive, Sam Coy, who has worked with nonprofit organizations for over 13 years. She has brought awareness and in-depth knowledge to the nonprofit sector in organizational outcomes tracking and impact demonstration through her education and personal experiences. Her hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts, has recognized her accomplishments and dedication of the last 10 years to her New England Community where she continues to make a difference today. Read part of Sam’s story here:

Sam’s experience and the experience of other employees at CaseWorthy enables us to continue to help organizations meet their needs through our outcomes-focused, organization-wide, advanced case management software solution for Nonprofits and Health and Human/Social Services (HHS) agencies.  To learn more about CaseWorthy™ please call (877) 347-0877 to speak with a CaseWorthy, Inc., representative or visit us at


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