CaseWorthy Inc. Launches Version 5.0

CaseWorthy, Inc. is pleased to announce it has launched version 5.0 of its case management software. “It’s a game-changer” boasts Company President Scott T. Argeris. “The new front-end was designed from the ground up by some of the leading software developers in our industry. Over 18-months in the making, CaseWorthy 5.0 was designed to exceed Web-based software standards in the market today.”

The newest version of CaseWorthy features a new contemporary interface that resembles many of the leading social media sites. The software also uses a Single Page Application (SPA) technique that provides a more fluid end-user experience and enables the software to overcome common web-based performance issues to run more like a desktop application. “We’re confident this version of CaseWorthy is leaps-and-bounds ahead of anything in the market today,” says company CEO and Chief Software Architect Brian Bingel. “The software infrastructure of CaseWorthy 5.0 allows communication to the webserverCaseWorthy Case Management Software with the ability to re-draw any part of the user interface without roundtrips to retrieve HTML. This combined with the responsive web design (RWD) allows CaseWorthy to render seamlessly on any mobile device – including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.”


CaseWorthy’s leadership team emphasizes that this new version of their premier case management software will enable clients to more easily train staff resulting in ease of use for daily activities. “Organizations using this software are going to save time and money and ultimately be able to serve their clients better” concludes President Scott Argeris.

CaseWorthy, Inc. is a leading provider of Social Services Technology to include software expertise, and turnkey implementation services. As the developer of the CaseWorthy application, CaseWorthy’s goal is to support and enable Health and Human Service (HHS) organizations to realize their missions of creating stronger and healthier people, families, and communities. The company recently launched a new website which can be found at

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