New Law Set To Release Thousands of Inmates Early – Are You Prepared?

Prisoner release

All over America, legislation for prison reform is popping up as estimates show significant numbers of inmates to be released from prison. Under the new earned sentence credit program, thousands of inmates (not convicted of violent offenses) could see their sentences cut by a third. Once released correctional programs like prerelease, work release, halfway houses, and reentry programs will be inundated with new cases and will need to prepare now for the influx of those formerly incarcerated.

Under current proposed legislative efforts, 14,000 Virginia inmates could be released early and 75,000 inmates in California. These are not isolated cases either. Several states are introducing similar prison reform laws to give pathways out for inmates demonstrating good behavior.

Learn more about how your state may be impacted HERE


Excel is Not the Way to Manage Data

Case management for human services organizations is complicated work. Your system for planning, implementation, and evaluation of services must be organized from the beginning to operate a successful program. A fully configurable platform such as CaseWorthy solves this by offering:

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All-in-one Case Management

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