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Compiling data and analytics for accountability and analysis can be a challenging, time-intensive task. Fortunately, we can help make this process easier.

Nonprofits like yours generate a lot of data every day. This data can range from clients’ personal information and demographics to the progression of various programs and services to budget use and modification. In order to have records of all of this data that can be used for administrative purposes and future development, it’s necessary to create comprehensive, detailed reports. These reports help put essential information to work. They show funders, administrators, other nonprofits and even the government that everything your nonprofit is accomplishing is making an impact. Reporting tasks often take a lot of time and energy to complete, but CaseWorthy can streamline and simplify this work.

CaseWorthy’s reporting feature is a sophisticated tool that uses automation, preset rules and templates and extensive analytical processes to help make your job easier.

Our software keeps all of your nonprofit’s data in one place, making it easily accessible and interconnected. This has a major impact on the efficiency of reporting tasks because information can be interpreted in many different ways. CaseWorthy offers a custom portfolio of report templates that your organization can use at any given time for any need. Some of the reporting tasks that you can accomplish using this robust tool include:

Compliance reporting:

Our reporting tools can be leveraged to show that your organization has been keeping all data secure and private in accordance with regulations like HUD, LSA and LIHEAP, and that it’s being used for the purposes for which it was acquired.

Program reporting:

Using CaseWorthy, you can analyze the details of your nonprofit programs, such as how much funding is being used for it, how many people are participating and what the outcomes are. This can help paint a clearer picture of the impact your organization is having on its clients and help with making decisions about these programs in the future.

Budget reporting:

Since much of what a nonprofit organization does is tied to funding and budgeting, you can use CaseWorthy reporting features to see a big picture of where money is being used and how. This will help with approving budgets, securing more funding and figuring out how your funds can be better utilized.

Power BI Embedded:

Connects all your data sources in one location where you can transform or model your data and create charts and graphs that bring your organization’s story to life. It’s easy to get started and can simplify your data gathering and distribution processes. 

Time reporting:

Time and funding are closely related, so it’s vital that CaseWorthy is also able to report on how hours are being used and by whom in your organization. That way, your organization can also figure out where certain tasks can be done more efficiently and how time can be better managed.

With CaseWorthy, you can make your reporting tasks work exactly the way you need them to.

Since CaseWorthy is a fully configurable resource for case management, our reporting tool is also fully customizable to accommodate whatever your organization’s needs might be. It allows you to share all reported data throughout your services and other case management tools, including:

Budgeting and time tracking
Grants management
Employment Services
Homeless Management
Senior Services
Multi-service organizations
Volunteer Management

See how reporting with CaseWorthy works in action by watching our on-demand webinar on case management reporting features!

If your organization needs an advanced reporting system that works for your precise needs, CaseWorthy can help.

Our software does far more than just provide excellent reporting tools. Since many of the functions of a nonprofit organization are intertwined, we believe it’s important to have a case management system that is capable of handling any workload. If CaseWorthy sounds like the solution your organization needs, contact us today!

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