The Impact Nonprofits Can Make in Ukraine

Nonprofits play a pivotal role by providing relief for war torn countries

In times of war, nonprofits have historically been there to lend support to soldiers and civilians alike. In WW2 for instance, the United Services Organization provided rest centers to feed and entertain troops between conflicts[1]. At home, organizations such as the Red Cross collected medical supplies to treat those injured on the front lines.

Ukrainian Flag

With tensions continuing to rise in Ukraine, we’ve seen U.S. based nonprofits take on the burden of evacuating U.S. citizens as they flee the country[2]. When the government is unable to act, it is often nonprofits that take the initiative to avert unnecessary loss of life.

What we are seeing unfold in Ukraine is sad and disheartening. Amid this tragedy, we take solace hearing each story about the heroic acts nonprofits are accomplishing to make a difference.

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