Is “Safe Ground” a Better Formula to Assist Our Homeless Population?

Sacramento seems to think so… Here’s why

It’s estimated that over half a million individuals face homelessness each day in America and to consider this an epidemic is an understatement. Major cities across the country are implementing creative solutions to serve this population and tackle the wide range of issues they face.

City officials in Sacramento, California recently boasted a successful rollout of their Miller Park Safe Ground, a designated location with 60 tents for shelter. This safe ground is capable of housing 110 people and has granted its residents a sheltered place to seek refuge.

Sacramento Homelessness
Single Point of Entry

One major factor that may play into the success of this program is the idea of a “single point of entry.” This gives providers a controlled environment to safely offer and track services provided such as meals, medical aid, showers, and other case management needs. So far, at least 6 people have been able to progress to indoor housing, several of which are in permanent housing programs.

For Sacramento, this is not its first attempt at implementing a safe ground. This time around, they hope the knowledge and takeaways from previous experiences will enable them to better serve the homeless in the future.

Miller Park Safe Ground was opened in February of this year, so its long-term effects are yet to be seen. We will be watching closely to see the implications this has on those facing homelessness as well as the caseworkers and volunteers who offer their support.


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