Introducing A Community-Wide Solution – Social Services Information Exchange

In a changing Social Services World of Medicaid Expansion, Time-Poverty, Program Funding Exhaustion, and Political Uncertainty, it is more important than ever for provider collaboration.  With the help of our partners in Lancaster County, CaseWorthy, Inc., has created the first comprehensive community-wide solution which allows for sharing of data, single system entry, and full configuration toolset access at the individual organization level without interrupting any other partner on the system.

With the use of a singular database and common intake approach, the shared information about clients is available in real-time, across the full community regardless of where they enter the system.  In the past, Social Service Organizations collaborated to the best of their abilities and attempted to complete the profile of care for their clients.  To share critical data points many methods have been tried; Data Warehousing, Multi-System Interfacing, Paper File Exchange, Manual Referral Follow-ups, and many other costly approaches. However, all methods have proven ineffective and riddled with support and maintenance issues…until now.

CaseWorthy™ Social Services Information Exchange (SSEI) functionality includes:

  • Community Centralized Intake           
  • Robust Data Sharing Controls              
  • Community Referral Network              
  • Outfacing Client Portal                             
  • Reduced Abuse of Services                  
  • Real-Time Service Availability
  • Poverty Indexing
  • Geographical Service Analysis
  • Community Systemic Reporting
  • Community Service Eligibility

The SSIE can solve the vast number of challenges that human service organizations in a community face today. The goal at CaseWorthy, Inc., is to manage data efficiently while helping their clients receive the services they need to live a better life in their community.  One step in accomplishing this goal is offering a community-wide Site License, which reduces cost and allows for the inclusion of all community partners, big and small.

To learn more about this new CaseWorthy™ feature and what it can do for your community, please call (877) 347-0877 to speak with a CaseWorthy, Inc., representative or visit us at

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