Using CaseWorthy software, your organization can take the data you receive and use it to assist clients in the most effective way possible. Our smart data-gathering system takes client information and uses it to create and suggest insights, while utilizing workflows, assessments, referrals, reports, client plans and other actionable steps. These processes enable you to determine the solutions your clients need, and they empower your clients to make the most of the aid you provide. CaseWorthy does all of this while also meeting the security and compliance standards necessary. We feature all of these things because the work you do makes a difference. Creating software is our way of helping you help others, because from intake to outcome and from beginning to end, it’s not the tool that matters, but rather the people you’re able to serve with it.


Your organization generates a lot of data that needs to be interpreted and shared with many people, from board members to caseworkers to partner organizations and everyone in between. And since reporting is integral to funding, you need to be able to compile data efficiently to deliver the most impact. Our robust reporting system transforms input information automatically into a multitude of customizable formats, which include reports on data analytics, compliance, operations, funding and partner work and much more. This detailed, nitty-gritty work is where many organizations say that CaseWorthy truly excels. We deliver above and beyond with data management automation to make the behind-the-scenes work much easier and more convenient.

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Configurability Through apBuilder™

CaseWorthy software is fully configurable, so your agency can create a system that works for you. Through our integrated apBuilder™ functionality, we offer unique ways to customize dashboards, assign roles and customize forms and workflows. This is just one way we enable you to simplify tasks on the back end of our software, so your system administrator is empowered to configure everything you need. apBuilder™ comes out of the box with lots of these customization options, and they’re easy to build depending on your organization’s needs. This is just another way that CaseWorthy empowers you to work more efficiently, so you can focus your energy on what really matters—your clients.

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Case Management

CaseWorthy offers an intuitive, detailed and completely customizable case management dashboard interface that caseworkers can use to fill in information, complete workflows, enroll clients in programs, register for classes and schedule follow-ups or collaborative work. It auto-generates workflows, which are pre-set, data-driven processes that enable the simple, rapid input of client information. From there, our software keeps track of what information is still needed and whether it has been input correctly. These dashboards are highly configurable, featuring many different information views and filtering options so the caseworker can see exactly what they need on their screen at any given moment. Our goal with these case management dashboards is to streamline and improve the work that caseworkers do so they can focus on providing the best possible service for their clients.

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User-Friendly Portal

One of the most beloved and versatile tools in the CaseWorthy toolbox is our portal system, which is designed to link the nonprofit organization with its clients. Through a sophisticated yet intuitive interface, clients can fill out forms and communicate with the organization through any device with an internet connection. The nonprofit can then see all this information and use it to register client intakes and to create service plans for their clients. Not only that, the portal allows nonprofits to work together in service of their clients, whether through referrals, collaboration or funding assistance. The portal is built to provide a convenient way for clients to apply for the help they need and for nonprofits to respond in an organized manner.

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CaseWorthy is a modern solution that cuts down on wasted time and resources. Since everything is on one centralized database with maximum accessibility, your organization can see a 360-degree view of the clients you serve and their needs. It’s also fully capable of working with various forms of electronic media. Our software:

  • Enables input from scan cards and scanned/uploaded documents
  • Enables the mass input of data and efficient organizational techniques reachable at your fingertips
  • Accepts electronic signatures and biometric data
  • Includes spatial mapping software, including Google integration
  • Allows multi-device, online support
  • Works well with other software to import and organize essential information

With CaseWorthy, your organization doesn’t have to worry about whether client data is accessible. The shift from whatever case methods you used previously is designed to be seamless. Our software works fantastically with any program or data tracking software you have to promote a cohesive and stress-free experience for caseworkers and clients alike.

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Program Management

CaseWorthy allows you to keep track of all of your human resources in one place, from employees to volunteers to teams, groups and committees. It excels at organizing people into the places they need to be to make your programs work, and it also allows you to keep track of every individual service program you run. With this software, you can do many things, such as keep track of inventory and expenses, do scheduling, create calendars, track budgets and assess client needs.

We get it: running nonprofit programs takes a lot of time, hard work and funding. But CaseWorthy software offers a way to ease the burdens your organization feels while also amping up the quality and quantity of your services.

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Our software is catered to your individual needs, and it can handle the most data-centric and rules-based computing, whether the tasks be simple or complex. Unlike many of our competitors, we provide a unified, cohesive system that any nonprofit organization can benefit from, and we include basic functions and advanced features alike that go far more in depth than any other system, right out of the box.

Additionally, our software can be configured to meet your exact needs, no matter what they may be. This allows your organization to focus on building relationships with clients. Some other aspects that set us apart include:

  • Automated workflows that assist caseworkers with their day-to-day duties and empower the development of sophisticated client solutions.
  • Superb document management that allows caseworkers to access all the files they need on hand in a secure digital location. Dashboards make these documents and views of clients viewable at the tap of a finger or click of a mouse.
  • Preset rules and eligibility standards that help determine the programs that clients can end up in, along with helping create structures for workflows.

Technical Specifications

CaseWorthy offers real-time synchronicity services, coverage and support you can trust, secure hosting and top-notch security. We fully host and support all of the work our nonprofit clients do. All information is backed up in a state of the art data center that’s monitored around the clock and features best-in-class security. We also provide training for your nonprofit’s chosen system administrator(s) so that you can modify your software independently as needed. Our training is simple and is available for anyone who wants to learn to utilize our features to their greatest advantage.

Want to Learn More?

CaseWorthy is here to empower the work of nonprofit organizations, but we’re also here to do our part in making the world a better place. You care about your clients, so we do, too. We offer the tools and the configurability features that you need to create positive outcomes and solutions for them. If CaseWorthy sounds like it could help your nonprofit organization manage its caseload and help serve its clients better, contact us today to schedule a demo!

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