Health and Human Organization Case Management working exactly as you need it to

If there’s one thing that will impede productivity and cost you time, it’s having the wrong tools for a project, or having tools that are difficult to use. Our goal at CaseWorthy is to give you the best case management experience possible by providing tools that function according to your specific needs, empowering your organization to work efficiently and build better relationships with clients. CaseWorthy’s intuitive user interface involves a series of well-designed dashboards so you can lay out all of your most important information clearly and intelligently. That way, you won’t have any difficulty navigating it.

From the dashboard hub, you’ll be able to filter down into more specific and granular tasks, from detailed reporting functions and viewing client data to calendaring and managing budgets. Viewing and completing administrative tasks in this way, along with the high level of data shareability across services and client tasks, will grant you a complete, big-picture view of your cases and programs.

Completely configurable case management tool for every non-profit

We’ve designed CaseWorthy to work for you. You will have complete control over how your tasks, data and programs are laid out and managed. You can turn on or off whichever shortcuts and automations you desire. You can set up rules for more easily governing your programs and determining client eligibility. And with a high level of both shareability and security, you’ll have complete control over who sees what information. Other baseline features included in our case management interface include:

Every nonprofit does its work differently, so CaseWorthy is completely configurable to make a space for you to serve your clients better.

  • Automated data entry workflows that simplify the data collection and analysis process.
  • Advanced assessment tools for determining client needs, skills and eligibility.
  • A comprehensive selection of reporting templates so you can share data in a presentable format and stay compliant with regulations for the government, funders and partner organizations.
  • Detailed client profiles that provide all the information you need to help them in one place with reduced risk of duplicate data.
  • Program management sections that give you an overview of the status and needs of each program or service you offer.
Whatever your nonprofit’s needs may be, CaseWorthy can handle them.

We are committed to providing you with a case management system that works for you and grows with you over time. If this sounds like a solution that could work for your organization, contact us today to schedule a demo!

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