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If your nonprofit is considering switching to a new case management system, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to determine if CaseWorthy is the solution for you.

Transitioning from one case management system to another can be a challenging, time-consuming process, and we want to help ensure that you make the choice that’s right for your organization. CaseWorthy’s webinars are designed to give you a good look at how our system works or could work for you. Not only will you see the various layers of functionality included in the system, but you’ll also be introduced to ways in which you can configure it to accommodate your needs. Through these webinars, we hope that you’ll be able to make an educated decision about what features you need and how we could potentially provide them for you.

We offer glimpses at various tools, resources and services that you can implement with CaseWorthy.

Some of the features of our software that you will see in our webinars include:

  • An overview of CaseWorthy as a whole
  • A preview of our Portal add-on feature
  • A look at managing Disaster Relief Programs
  • A look at managing Victim Services Programs
  • An overview of using our reporting features
  • An overview of using our workflow automation features

Browse our available webinars and see if CaseWorthy is the case management system for you!