Nonprofits place a high value on their clients’ privacy and confidentiality. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that kind of data security.

Modern case management data systems are incredibly sophisticated in order to promote ease of use and shareability. However, the customizability and user-friendly nature of many systems also requires that information is kept secure from unauthorized access. This is especially true for nonprofit organizations that routinely receive sensitive personal information from vulnerable individuals during the case management cycle. One of our most important jobs at CaseWorthy is to ensure the safety of your clients by following preset compliance standards and keeping prying eyes away from private data.

CaseWorthy's data security standards for case management software

We provide world-class data protection and management services for our clients that adhere to your organization’s standards and external requirements.

All information put into CaseWorthy’s database is stored on our private, proprietary servers, which are maintained 24/7. We operate with a high level of accountability because we know that if you can’t access the data you need, or if your data is compromised, more work gets added to your plate. Some of the standards that we follow to ensure that your program and client information stays safe include:

  • HIPAA compliance: Any medical records you use are kept secure using the same standards as medical organizations. 
  • LIHEAP compliance: Your clients’ energy and utility assistance needs are your business, and we hold true to all government regulations related to that.
  • HMIS compliance: People without long-term housing options are often vulnerable to exploitation, and we make a point to keep them safe—which also means making sure their data is shared only with approved workers. Our software is designed to work with HUD compliance regulations so you can trust your clients’ data is secure.
  • Database monitoring: The IT people who manage our servers are dedicated to keeping tabs on the status of your sensitive information, making sure CaseWorthy runs without hiccups, and resolving any potential issues.
  • Responsiveness: Since every nonprofit organization has different security and compliance needs with different levels of shareability, we give them the ability to customize their level of data protection according to their own rules.

Whatever your organization’s data security needs may be, we can accommodate them. We will fight to protect your sensitive data and ensure that you’re able to use it to its utmost potential.

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