Serving the community is about more than providing one-off services to a handful of clients. It’s about getting to the heart of your clients’ needs and caring for them to the best of your ability, and strengthening local communities in the meantime.


Many community-based organizations provide diverse services to their clients. You’ll need to coordinate each one carefully while also building relationships with the clients who need them.

Your organization does so much for your community, and we’re here to help streamline the way you offer services. One of your clients may have come to you for food pantry services, at which point your staff discovers that they lost their job. From there, your organization may determine that they’re eligible for employment services, temporary housing and/or transportation assistance, with a goal of helping them find a working vehicle and a new place to live in the future. These services may span multiple different programs, but they’re all provided to one client, with the goal that each service moves them one step closer to living the life they deserve. Compassionate care involves a lot of moving parts, and it’s essential that organizations like yours can diligently track the way services are provided in order to be fully effective.

CaseWorthy makes it easy to manage these details across a continuum of care. Our platform simplifies the way caseworkers access data so they can view the holistic needs of each client. In addition, CaseWorthy allows all of your organization’s services to work together and securely share the same information with the press of a button. Plus, with our collaboration and integration features, it’s entirely possible (and also quite helpful) for one nonprofit to join forces with another to provide a wider variety of resources, with a transparent record of how they’re being delivered.

Multi-service organizations need robust, scalable solutions

Since each person’s needs are unique, nonprofits need a customizable platform to more easily address all of those needs. That’s why one of our main priorities is to provide a fully configurable data and case management solution that meets your needs right out of the box. And your organization will have complete control over its innerworkings. Whether you’re a large nonprofit with many programs or you’re a smaller organization with lots of other local or government-based partners, CaseWorthy is the software solution you can trust to give you all the tools you need.

Eligibility engine:

The first step to providing for any client’s needs is determining what programs they are actually eligible for. Our powerful service-matching system is capable of taking your clients’ information and helping you immediately determine what services you can begin providing for them, enabling a rapid response to urgent needs.

Continuum of care:

Many nonprofit services stretch across multiple facets of life, and if your organization can’t offer everything, another organization might be able to offer another part. Even if your organization can provide for them all, there will inevitably be some gaps to fill and some communication that needs to take place. CaseWorthy is built to take all of this into consideration. It tracks your individual clients and the services they receive through a continuum of care network, linking all of these services together within and outside of your organization. This fosters easier communication and higher levels of accountability. It also avoids service duplication and manages time more efficiently.

Web portal:

The CaseWorthy portal is an excellent add-on resource for connecting with clients. It gives clients access to your organization without having to make a direct connection, and allows them to send you information so you can begin the process of providing for their needs. Also, even though the portal reduces the need for face-to-face interaction, it still allows you to communicate effectively with your clients to keep them updated on the status of the services they need.

Your organization needs a set of heavy-duty, configurable tools to help you manage your cases on a day-to-day basis—and CaseWorthy delivers.

Nonprofit work can be challenging, but it’s worth the work. We believe that this work requires simplified and streamlined systems of operation, so we want to provide you with automations and resources to help lighten your load. Once your work is a little easier to get done on a daily basis, you can build better relationships with your clients and make even more of a difference.

Customizable dashboards:

Keep your focus on your clients with a highly configurable user interface that allows you to link services to clients and link clients together with their families. From there, you can determine needs more in-depth and communicate with your clients about how you can help them and what goals you can set up.


With clients’ needs spanning multiple services, you need to find out quickly which needs are most pressing and learn more about your clients as individuals. Our assessments gather that data from clients and pass it on to you, assisting you with customizable automations that will help you make the best decisions possible.


Data management is a major part of case management, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our wide variety of reporting functions and templates allow you to rapidly compile and present data in a professional and accessible manner. With these reports, you can keep information straight and pass it on to fellow staff members, people in leadership and even other nonprofits.

Grants, funding and time tracking:

Having the right amount of funding in the right places can make all the difference to the variety of services you want to provide for your clients. Keeping track of hours and budgeting is easy with CaseWorthy, and it’s easy to create multiple accounts and multiple silos of money in order to organize it better. Keeping all of this information accessible and transparent empowers more positive outcomes.

Security and compliance:

With the number and wraparound nature of the services your organization provides, keeping data safe and properly managed is vital. Not only that, your work needs to be in compliance with many different regulations. CaseWorthy data is all backed up on secure servers with the highest level of modern monitoring, and every tool is tailored to meet the most stringent compliance standards.

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