Supporting individuals with unique developmental attributes

We offer case management features that support individuals with unique developmental attributes.

Organizations like yours help people with developmental disabilities build lives for themselves. We come alongside you to help them accomplish their dreams. Your organization gives your clients the tools they need to make empowered decisions. These individuals and their families use your services to apply for jobs, find housing, seek healthcare and transportation and much more. You’re there to support them throughout this long-term process, and we know that the efficacy of your case management system can make a huge difference in your clients’ experiences. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art and fully configurable features to fully match your case management processes.

Streamline the data collection and entry process

Nonprofits have a lot of moving parts. CaseWorthy can help streamline the data collection and entry process, from the people who gather data, like case workers, to the people evaluating and reporting on the data, like executive directors. Whether your organization is logging case notes, meeting with clients face-to-face, creating reports or submitting billing requests to funders for your developmental disability programs or working to build out new features, we’re here to help every step of the way.

CaseWorthy understands the space you’re in, and we’re here to help make data entry simpler so you can focus on people.

With CaseWorthy, caseworkers can track time, upload documents, refer services and perform a variety of other actions depending on a client’s unique requests. Your staff can easily pull that data and create custom reports, so your organization can pinpoint how your processes work and how they can be improved. Your organization is passionate about serving clients with disabilities, so CaseWorthy makes a way for you to do your jobs with increased productivity, while still prioritizing meaningful interactions with your clients.

Better assist developmental disabled individuals in living enriched, empowered lives

In the world of case management, particularly with clients who have developmental disabilities, you never know what each day will bring. That’s why we make our software flexible and fully configurable to meet your needs, whatever they may be from day to day. Our customizable software can integrate a mixture of features that account for every kind of scenario your clients may face. Some of these include:


We create secure forms, applications and assessments to determine your clients’ needs, level of care, program eligibility, funding status and more.


Clients with developmental disabilities often have unique healthcare needs, and our software is designed to keep track of all of these details in order to plan out a path of service. It can keep track of medications, when they’re given and when they need to be refilled. Additionally, it provides secure and compliant communication with providers and is a simple place to put all of your case notes.

Job placement:

CaseWorthy empowers your organization to build relationships with employers that welcome employees with developmental disabilities. Using these connections, and with the completion of our skill assessments, you can help successfully place clients in jobs where they can learn important skills and become more self-sufficient. Furthermore, you can track the time and funds required to do this, along with any work that caseworkers do while monitoring your clients.

Incident and revenue reporting:

Sometimes things may not go the way you planned, and you’ll need to keep track of incidents that develop as you work with your clients. Through CaseWorthy, you can keep track of whatever notes you create, pass them along to people who need to see them and create reports for funding use and the analysis of the client’s journey.

Family and behavioral support:

Supporting an individual with a developmental disability can be challenging, but our software helps ease the process and create positive outcomes. By supporting clients and their families in this way, we are also supporting your organization’s efforts to help them walk through their unique journey.

Web Portal:

The CaseWorthy web portal is one of our most flexible and popular tools. It helps you get the information you need on clients and communicate with them about the services you can provide. Clients with developmental disabilities and their families can easily use this portal to submit personal information that helps develop their case, and you can take this data and turn it into actionable steps and goals for their progression.


Being able to communicate securely with clients, fellow caseworkers and other nonprofits alike is imperative to your mutual success. CaseWorthy includes customizable reminders, emails and text alerts that can help you manage your caseload while cultivating relationships with clients. It also makes it easy to share client data from service provider to service provider.

CaseWorthy has built-in tools that help you evaluate efficiency and performance.

Our comprehensive toolset provides access to every action your organization needs to perform with just a few clicks. Some of these tools include:

Customizable Dashboards:

See information on individual clients or groups of clients all in one place at any time, and keep track of every service you provide. See clients’ disability program eligibility status and track which aid programs they’re currently enrolled in.


Our built-in assessments and custom forms can help you determine what needs a client with a disability has and what programs they should be put into. Determine their level of care based on their unique situation and use this information to create action plans for their care.


Much of what your organization can do for a client with a disability is based on the funding you receive, so you can compile data to send to your fellow caseworkers or to funder organizations to show how that money is being used and where more might be needed.

Grants, funding and time tracking:

The administrative tasks involved with disability cases can be a lot to trek through, but CaseWorthy eases the load by automating many of the time, calendaring and grant application processes.


With CaseWorthy’s specialized workflow interfaces, you can easily input information about your clients with developmental disabilities. The workflows will automatically determine which questions need to be answered, what demographic data is needed and much more. That way you can focus on your client rather than on making sure information is tracked correctly.

Security & Compliance:

We know that your organization values the privacy of its clients, so our goal is to ensure that your information remains only in the hands of those who have permission to access it. With advanced security measures protecting your data and every compliance standard accounted for, you can rest easy knowing that your clients with disabilities are being taken care of.

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