Natural Disaster Assistance Software helping nonprofits rebuild communities and lives

People look to your organization for hope and support after a disaster. We’re here to provide case management tools so you can serve your community when times are tough. Organizations like yours are often some of the first on the front lines to help people in need when disaster strikes. You provide food, water, clothing and other necessities. You may help people find a place to stay when they have nowhere else to go. And you’ll be there to help them continue recovering from the disaster that affected them. This is a vital job, one that makes a world of difference in the lives of those who have been affected.

CaseWorthy helps nonprofits rebuild communities and lives.

Recovery from disastrous events like floods, hurricanes and fires takes time. The services you provide to clients who’ve been affected can help them along their journey of putting the pieces back together. To do so, however, you need an effective way to manage it all and keep track of everything. That’s where CaseWorthy comes into the picture. We’ve made a case management tool that helps you track and organize client data when it comes to you, and from there, build relationships with your clients.

Streamline the data management process and improve communication

The Disaster Recovery Portal provides a hub for collecting and compiling client information. It streamlines the data management process and improves communication. Our portal makes it easy for clients to get in touch with your organization in a secure way from any device. They can submit forms and eligibility applications and complete assessments from anywhere, and quickly find out which of your services they’re eligible for. This add-on resource also enables you to communicate with your clients through electronic media methods like email and messaging. Just like the rest of CaseWorthy, the portal is fully configurable, so it can help you conveniently connect with your clients and start communicating with them as needed.

Helping clients recover from disasters

Helping clients recover from disasters requires a high level of awareness of needs and available services. CaseWorthy can help keep track of all the data your organization gathers. CaseWorthy is customizable and automated in such a way that you can set up the software to do much of the data processing legwork of disaster recovery for you. Because it’s a client-based software, it ties all the services you provide to the case notes and information of your clients. It includes many useful features that can go a long way to helping them get back on their feet.

HMIS software and bed management:

Helping clients and their families find safe shelter after a disaster is a major part of disaster recovery, and CaseWorthy is designed to help keep track of the number of beds your organization has available, along with how many are in use and for how long. Also, if a client needs more extensive HMIS support, your organization can easily deliver that service through connecting with partner organizations or setting them up with temporary or transitional housing.

Inventory management:

Every client recovering from a disaster will need supplies to help them keep going, and CaseWorthy excels at keeping detailed track of the resources your organization is using to help them. That way, you can be prepared to restock when you need to or find out when you have overstock.

Budget tracking:

Disaster recovery scenarios are often budget and grant-driven, so CaseWorthy offers easy metrics and rules-based eligibility determination to keep spending well under control. Your staff can set up different accounts and funds for different services, see real-time and monthly balances and enable full transparency of how funds are being spent.

Natural Disaster Assistance Software Features

CaseWorthy’s baseline standard of tools is so robust and comprehensive that any data management requirement your organization has can be tracked in great detail. Some of these tools include:

Customizable dashboards:

Client data is front and center where your caseworkers need it to be so that all information is accessible with just a few clicks. Create links between families, see what services clients qualify for and communicate with them directly from within your dashboard view.


Every client’s needs are different, so it’s often necessary to have them fill out forms and questionnaires that take their information and turn it into actionable goals. Step by step, assessments can help you determine where your organization’s aid is most needed in a disaster recovery scenario.


Compile client and service data in many different presentable formats and put the data you’ve gathered to work.

Grants, funding and time tracking:

Time and money management are major factors in a disaster recovery scenario, which means meticulous care must be given to ensure they are used properly. This also helps staff know when more resources are needed.


Take advantage of CaseWorthy’s automation features to quickly and easily input essential information on clients and their needs. This data will then be accessible in the software in whatever way you need or choose to use it.

Security and compliance:

In this day and age of data and privacy, it’s more important than ever to keep your clients’ information secure and confidential. CaseWorthy is kept safe by industry-leading tech support and accountability, so you can rest assured that your clients remain safe.

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We’re here to help you change the world one person or family at a time.

Our software is capable of helping you with all of these functions and so much more. We can tailor it to meet your needs so you can focus on meeting the needs of your clients and rebuilding communities. Watch our demo on how CaseWorthy can help organizations serve those in need during disaster recovery. If you’re ready to implement a solution that’s tailored to your organization’s needs, contact us today to learn more, or fill out the form below to schedule a demo!

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