When your clients come to you from domestic violence situations, they’re seeking safety and stability. CaseWorthy equips your human services organization to assist them during their time of need.

Manage Domestic Violence Cases with Ease

Is your organization committed to assisting individuals as they heal from physical, emotional, economical and sexual trauma from domestic violence? Functionality truly matters when you work on these types of cases, as do rapid data analysis, quick thinking and the ability to easily set up solutions that can lead to positive outcomes. CaseWorthy is here to support the crucial work you do by providing a secure, flexible platform that suits all your case management needs.

A Safe Haven for Your Clients and Your Data

CaseWorthy streamlines data management, making it easier for survivors to get the assistance they need, and expediting the process of getting it to them. Every moment matters in a domestic violence scenario, for the client and your nonprofit organization alike. Since many of these situations can be life or death, it’s imperative that your organization has the right tools to assist a victim in getting out of their situation and into a safe environment. But it’s not always easy to find a case management solution that can meet these needs.

Fortunately, our case management software simplifies the data management process on all fronts. When caseworkers and staff across your organization can access the information they need, you’ll be more equipped to better understand the individuals you serve and provide them with the help they desperately seek. Whether it begins with a hotline call, a referral from the authorities or another nonprofit, or the arrival of a client in an emergency housing location, the outcome depends on your organization’s ability to assess the situation and provide quick support. The more efficient the process, the quicker your clients will be able to take control of their situation.

Supporting your advocacy efforts

At CaseWorthy, we have the utmost respect for what you do, and consider it a privilege to support your advocacy efforts. Your compassion for others is what causes you to excel at your job, and we are here to support you as a one-stop case management software solution. When your data management tools function properly, your caseworkers and service providers have more time to engage in meaningful interactions with the individuals who most need it.

If you want to see CaseWorthy in action, watch our on-demand webinar to see how our software can help you serve domestic violence clients.

Domestic Violence Software Features

Our software has the features your organization needs to work with domestic violence victims while also protecting sensitive information. As your organization assists people who have experienced abuse, it’s crucial that they feel safe, comfortable and valued. CaseWorthy prioritizes the privacy of the individuals you serve from the moment they contact you through their entire journey of recovery. Your main objective is to help them work through their trauma, and ours is to make managing these cases as easy as possible.

Some of the features we offer include:

Crisis Line:

We support the intake of crisis communication and make it easy to input information from emails, calls and texts. This information from our helpline is tracked and compiled from the moment you receive it in order that your organization can form a complete story about the clients you serve and their needs.

Incident tracking:

Your clients’ needs will often change as different incidents occur, and our software is prepared to keep track of each one, analyzing the data and displaying it in such a way that your organization can make the right decisions quickly.


If the best solution is referring your clients to another organization for domestic violence support, we make sure that communication with that organization is as simple as possible. You can provide them with all the information they need from the data you’ve collected and ensure that your clients are taken care of.

Employment management:

For clients coming from a domestic violence situation, searching for a job can be a difficult process. But fortunately, we’re well equipped to help you handle finding your clients steady work. We can help you build relationships with local employers and keep track of the ongoing state of your clients’ employment status.

Bed management:

If your clients are living in or getting ready to live in temporary or transitional housing, CaseWorthy can help you see their current housing situation and what housing options you have available. Our bed management applications can also help manage in-house bed availability if you offer that at your facility.

Assessment forms:

Your domestic violence clients need opportunities to be empowered and to become self-sufficient, and our comprehensive set of assessment forms can help. Whether your clients need shelter over the long term, classes on parenting or career-changing, transportation to and from doctor appointments or anything else, the assessments we provide with our software can help you determine how and where your clients will thrive.

Time tracking and reporting:

The big picture of your organization is influenced by the smallest of details. Fortunately, not a detail is lost with CaseWorthy. With robust time tracking, reporting and other administrative tools at your caseworkers’ disposal, presenting these details in a logical way has never been easier.

Supporting documents:

From identification documents to demographic information to court orders, any document that you request from your clients can be safely scanned, uploaded, downloaded or otherwise stored on our software, available on your CaseWorthy dashboard with just a few clicks.

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We provide all of the tools you need to manage domestic violence programs and victim services cases, right out of the box.

Any organization that wants to successfully take care of its clients needs to have the proper tools at its disposal. CaseWorthy offers what you need and more, with the option to configure as your organization evolves.

Some of our most popular tools include:

Customizable dashboards:

See everything you need to know about your domestic violence clients, from incidents to service needs to ongoing case notes and program enrollment, right in one place.


Determine the level of care that you’ll need to provide to your clients and find out automatically what services they’re eligible for.


Keep track of your clients’ information in a convenient, logical, automated format that others can also look at and pull information from.

Grants, funding and time tracking:

Keep the details of budgeting and time straight so you can report how your clients have been using your services.


Our automated data input processes make created case files a cinch so you don’t have to worry about spending tons of time on paperwork.

Security and compliance:

Your clients can rest assured that their information is safe and will only be used to get them the support they need. We have safeguards in place to ensure your clients’ data is not shared across programs unless it’s safe to do so.

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CaseWorthy is here to support the incredible work you do. We provide a scalable software solution that meets your organization’s unique needs. 

Whether you’re a nonprofit or a government agency, our goal is to provide a case management platform that makes your jobs easier so you can focus on the people in front of you. Contact us today to learn more about our system, and how it can be tailored for your organization.

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