When your clients need assistance with paying their bills, finding employment or housing, or getting other forms of emergency aid, they turn to organizations like yours.

Providing aid for people in tight situations

When your nonprofit organization provides aid for people in tight situations, you make a difference, and you empower them to keep fighting for the livelihood they deserve. Many multi-service organizations run Community Action Programs (CAPs) to assist their clients. These programs can be incredibly broad and wide-ranging, helping clients get through a number of challenging situations. From energy assistance/LIHEAP to weatherization services, to food pantry coordination, to assisting with rent payments, the support you’re able to provide can make all the difference in clients’ lives, helping them provide for themselves and their families when they have nowhere else to turn.

CaseWorthy seeks to help your organization run its CAPs more efficiently than ever. After all, in many situations, timing is of the essence, and you need to be able to quickly verify eligibility and approve clients for aid. With our software, you’ll be able to put more focus on your clients and not spend so much time making sure that the logistics and administrative tasks behind the scenes work properly.

Supporting your clients with the Community Action Programs they need

Your organization supports your clients with the Community Action Programs they need. Our software can support your organization with the case management abilities that it needs. Since CAPs include a wide spectrum of services, your organization requires a case and program management system that is just as all-inclusive. It must be configurable to meet the needs you have on a day-to-day basis, with resources that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Eligibility and rules-based approval strategies:

The first step to getting anyone approved for a CAP program is determining their eligibility according to the rules your organization has set up or must otherwise abide by. Once you have information about your clients’ demographics, financial background and work history, among other important data metrics, CaseWorthy makes it easy to decide how to provide certain services to them—along with which ones they need the most. This can’t be done without advanced behind-the-scenes work, which CaseWorthy also simplifies through our excellent apBuilder™ self-customization resource.

Budget and inventory monitoring:

Your ability to help your clients depends on more than just their eligibility for CAPs. You also need to analyze the level of funding and the resources you have available to provide for them. CaseWorthy can help determine how much of a client’s electric bill you can help them pay in a given month or what building supplies your organization has available for providing home weatherization services. CaseWorthy’s data management system allows your staff a fully transparent view of your funding situation for each program (allowing you to also divide money into various categories and silos for maximum efficiency). It also gives you a concrete idea of your inventory level for any physical aid you’re able to provide.

CaseWorthy portal:

The CaseWorthy portal is a fantastic add-on resource that can go a long way towards effectively communicating with your clients and gathering information on their needs. Clients can login to apply for various programs and assistance, and your staff can go from there to determine eligibility and complete the approval process—all through the use of simple online tools that can be accessed from anywhere.

Home Energy Assistance Software Features

Modern nonprofit programs and services like CAPs require the use of modern tools to keep track of them. The small details of a CAP add up quickly into the big picture of the program. That’s why it’s essential that nonprofits like yours have the right tools for the job. CaseWorthy provides customizable resources for this purpose that can be made to fit many scenarios.

Customizable dashboards:

The intuitive user interface that CaseWorthy presents to staff members and caseworkers makes it easy to get to exactly the information you need with just a few clicks. Data is organized logically and is easy to find. Plus, CaseWorthy allows users to adjust their dashboards as needed to best suit their everyday workflows.


Along with our eligibility engine, our wide range of assessments can do everything from getting clients’ demographic data to determining what marketable skills they possess for employment services to learning about their current living and transportation situation. After an assessment has been completed, our software analyzes it and helps your staff translate it into eligibility and service recommendations that will best fit your clients’ needs.


CAPs often require a fair amount of reporting paperwork, given how much funding and oversight they receive. Fortunately, CaseWorthy is fully equipped with many different types and formats of reporting documents so you can compile and import the information they require and rapidly generate a satisfactory report.

Grants, funding and time tracking:

Because Community Action Programs are such important pieces of the nonprofit world, they are heavily influenced by the amount of funding they receive (i.e. CSBG grants). CaseWorthy makes keeping track of this funding far more efficient and gives users a well-informed and data-centric picture of how funding is being provided and where it currently stands. Additionally, since the time spent on such projects is directly linked to funding, CaseWorthy provides user-friendly time tracking and management features for optimal efficiency.


CaseWorthy allows case managers and staff to optimize their workloads through the use of workflow automations. These fully configurable data entry and management systems help streamline the entire process of serving clients. By working cohesively with the many other cogs of the CaseWorthy system, they organize and analyze data in such a way that your staff can easily and quickly determine how best to help clients.

Security and compliance:

CAPs are governed by many different compliance regulations, such as HMIS, LIHEAP and even HIPAA, so CaseWorthy makes it a point to make following these regulations as easy as possible. We’ve created eligibility and security rules that help ensure that your work is compliant, and that allow for multiple levels of accountability. Additionally, our proprietary data servers, backed by the most advanced modern monitoring and protection, keep client information safe while also allowing those who need it to easily access it.

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Supporting you with many convenient case management tools

CaseWorthy is here to make your work with Community Action Programs easier to manage. That way, you can focus on your relationships with your clients. Our software can help make your case management processes more efficient and assist with creating positive client outcomes as you help them reach their goals. If CaseWorthy sounds like the resource you need for your nonprofit organization, contact us today to schedule a demo!


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