Nonprofit work is directly influenced by grant funding. Effective grant management is key to maintaining the services organizations like yours provide.
Nonprofit organizations need ways to track their funding because it’s the careful grant management that helps you serve your clients well.

Money is at the center of a nonprofit’s ability to serve its clients. Without financial backing, you can’t assist with someone’s utilities for the month, update an early learning center classroom or supply the gas used to transport someone to work. Of course, donations are a major part of nonprofit cash flow, but grants provide for a majority of the funding that organizations like yours need to continue providing their life-changing services.

CaseWorthy is a scalable solution that allows nonprofit organizations to manage money easily and disburse it among the different services you offer.

You need a way to track funds throughout your organization and manage them service to service, dollar for dollar. CaseWorthy makes grant management easier for your staff.

Budgeting is a necessary and vital part of nonprofit work, but it shouldn’t overshadow the services your organization provides. Managing money can be a complex task, but CaseWorthy is here to simplify it.

  • Track grant money from start to finish: When applying for grants, CaseWorthy allows nonprofits to have a completely transparent and accessible view of the process. It can help with all stages of application and approval, from monitoring and organizing requests to giving each dollar a role to play in your organization once you receive it.
  • See how funds are being used: Every nonprofit has needs that can be fulfilled through funding disbursement, but it can be challenging to see how exactly funding is utilized after receiving a grant. CaseWorthy clears up any confusion by helping you observe exactly where your grant money is going and where it’s working the hardest. This in turn will help with better budgeting and more efficient use of funds.
  • Use the CaseWorthy portal for grant management: The CaseWorthy portal can connect providers, clients and your staff alike as money is managed. Staff members can log in and see the status of a grant request or a fund disbursement, and they can connect with grantors about how the approval process is going.
Manage the fine details of funding and grant management with a complete set of capable, powerful tools.

CaseWorthy offers a wide range of tools that your organization can use to track its funding. From requesting funds, to receiving and disbursing them, to analyzing the outcomes you create, these tools are available to keep everything manageable. That way, your organization’s job is easier and you can focus on your clients like you want to.

  • Customizable dashboards: The advanced but intuitive user interface that comes with CaseWorthy makes it easy to see exactly where your funding is and what it’s accomplishing. It also automates the disbursement process and the funding request process to lighten the load on your staff while also easing their minds about the availability of funds.
  • Assessments: Determining your clients’ needs in depth can also help with determining where more funding is needed. The data gathered from the robust collection of assessments that CaseWorthy offers can be put to work to improve budgetary efficiency and see where changes need to be made.
  • Reporting: Of course, you’ll need to report to leadership members, government entities and the grantor itself about how you’ve used the funds you’ve received. CaseWorthy’s wide range of reporting abilities make this part of the process easy and present budgetary information in a logical way while also saving you time. The more thorough your reporting, the easier it is to prove impact—leading to more funding for your organization, and more services delivered.
  • Time tracking: Tracking hours can make it easier to analyze how far a dollar can truly stretch, and help you reallocate resources as needed. Not only does CaseWorthy make it easy to track the analytics of how well grant money is being used as it relates to time spent it can also lighten workloads and further streamline the case management process.
  • Workflows: CaseWorthy’s workflow functions can show you how much money you have on hand to disburse to a particular client or service. By inputting client data and seeing how money is currently being spent, you can ensure the effectiveness of your budget.
  • Security and compliance: Both client and grant information should be kept confidential and safe, and CaseWorthy ensures just that. Using proprietary servers monitored by the latest security measures, we will keep your funding data safe as you work towards a better world using the money you have on hand.

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We can help ensure that your nonprofit stays well-funded and in full control of where its money goes.

CaseWorthy is all about efficiency, ease of use and transparency, so if that’s something your organization (or your budget) could use more of, contact us today to schedule a demo!

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