Your nonprofit plays an important role in coordinating client care and getting them the health services they need.

Coordinate client care and get them the health services they need.

Clients come to you with many needs, including physical or behavioral health concerns. CaseWorthy offers a way to track their health status from a holistic viewpoint and coordinate positive outcomes. You and your organization do everything you can to help the clients you serve, and we applaud the hard work you put into helping them live better. With every service you provide, you hope to see positive change, and CaseWorthy provides a way to keep track of and plan those results. No matter what service you’re providing for your clients, our software is designed to keep their overall health in mind and help you assist them every step of the way.

Track health status from a holistic viewpoint

We offer data tracking support for many of the healthcare services you provide. This allows a clearer understanding of how you’re helping them and what else needs to be done. An individual’s health cannot be seen through a single lens, so we offer many ways to view your clients’ overall wellness. Because our software is client-focused, we can help you determine what services they need most based on the information you’ve gathered. A few of the health-related services we offer support for include:

CaseWorthy is a scalable case management solution that can be catered to fit the needs of many of the health services your organization provides. It features the efficient input of client data that can be smartly used to find the right solutions for each individual client, so their overall health begins to improve.

Supporting you with many convenient case management tools

Organizations like yours make it easier for individuals to access the care they need. Coordinating health and behavioral services involves juggling patient and provider communication. Case management that flows smoothly can make all the difference in the kind of care a patient receives. Some of the tools we offer to help with this include:

Behavior Support Plans:

Create plans that detail steps for clients to take to become more mentally healthy and that empower them to take charge of their health and personal growth as a whole.

Shift Logs, Notes and Incident Reports:

Our robust note-taking tools allow your staff to take detailed notes about the clients they serve. Fellow staff members can see these notes and understand how to provide better and more comprehensive care during their interactions with your clients. The ability to create and track incident reports is also valuable for health services because it can cut down on errors and determine where clients might need more support.

Individual Care Plans and Client History:

CaseWorthy offers the ability to create an individualized plan for each client that lists their health needs and ways that they can be met. Being able to see their history and their change over time can help guide your staff as they help clients meet their health goals.

Medication Management:

If your clients are prescribed medication, we can track how and when it’s being given, along with any incidents that arise related to the medication.

24/7 Access:

One of the most important things for any staff member or caseworker to remember is that anything can happen to a client at any time. That’s why it’s so important that we offer access to client information at any time, from anywhere.

Features that help effectively coordinate health and behavioral services

CaseWorthy’s many other features help effectively coordinate health and behavioral services, helping keep track of every aspect of a client’s journey. Since every client is unique, the care that you provide for them is also highly individualized. That’s why we make our software so configurable for your staff’s ease of use. We want to help make your jobs easier so you can focus on building and maintaining relationships with your clients. Some of the other features we include for every nonprofit organization are:

Customizable dashboards:

Each service you provide and each client you keep track of is accessible through CaseWorthy with just a few clicks. Through the many filters, on-screen data options and tabs that we provide for your user interface, we provide a convenient, 360-degree view of the clients you serve and their health needs.


You won’t know how to help a client best until they’ve given you information about their needs. This is where our assessments feature comes into play. Through our various forms and questionnaires, you can gather data and automate the process in such a way that determining how to best serve your clients becomes more efficient than ever before.


You keep track of every piece of client information and the services you’ve provided for them because they can create actionable insights that you and other staff members and organizations can benefit from. That’s why we include robust and highly automated reporting tools with every iteration of CaseWorthy. It’s our job to make your job easier to perform.

Grants, funding and time tracking:

Money and time are two of the greatest resources you can invest into someone, and we offer ways to keep track of budgets, cash flow and hours spent helping clients. This way, you can work to make your process even better and work to help your clients in more advanced ways.


When managing and inputting client information, you want to make sure it all ends up in the right places. That’s why we provide custom workflows to help you add client information to the CaseWorthy system. From there, it’s automatically sorted into logical places where you can easily access it without having to go hunting for an important piece of data.

Security and compliance:

Our software is fully compliant with HIPAA, HMIS standards and any other security measure your nonprofit needs to meet. All information is securely and privately stored on CaseWorthy servers, which at all times have the highest level of protection and 24/7 accountability available today.

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CaseWorthy is here to help you lead your clients along a path of health and wellness.

We’re here to support you as you coordinate your clients’ care. If this solution sounds like something your organization could benefit from, contact us today!

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