The public sector offers many programs and services that can bolster the health of the community on a large scale.

Case management for public sector organizations requires flexibility to function effectively

Case management for public sector organizations is often difficult because they are composed of many departments or offices that work together for the communities they serve, though the specific services they offer may vary. Whether they are counties, cities, states, or federal entities, they may include different programs that work together to holistically care for individuals or groups seeking these services. It’s not uncommon for a person to enter multiple government programs at once, and in order to provide the best path for those individuals, public sectors need to collaborate. Some public sectors that may seem unrelated, but often work together include:

  • Health and human services
  • Immigration and refugee assistance
  • Disaster and emergency response
  • Utility assistance
  • Education
  • Workforce guidance.

Since many of these organizations use different systems and work independently of one other, collaboration may be difficult to accomplish when it’s needed.

Case management for public sector programs usually operates on a fairly large scale, with a different level of funding than many other organizations, and a significant amount of interdepartmental communication. Public sector entities often have wide-ranging and overlapping duties that can fall into a variety of categories. The actions taken by one group can significantly impact another group’s work and even their ability to function properly. That is why it’s so important for public sector organizations to be on the same page with one another—which can be a difficult task to accomplish.

A unified solution to case management for public sector employees

The sheer size of many government agencies means that they could accomplish much in a short period of time with the right tools, budget, and level of organization. However, with so many moving parts, case management can be a challenge for staff and clients alike. Delays, errors, and duplications can often result from a lack of efficiency and synchronicity. When client data is accessible in a secure environment, no matter what sector a caseworker comes from, it’s easier to work more effectively. 

At CaseWorthy, we’ve worked on many solutions to case management for public sector organizations, oftentimes entire cities or counties and even states. These organizations discovered that the best way to serve the people of their communities was to have one main database and program management system where all information could live. CaseWorthy can streamline workflows and reduce the amount of work that both case managers and public clients have to do.

CaseWorthy’s robust program and case management system is ideal for serving larger, multi-office public sector organizations. We can help increase efficiency and reliability while also ensuring that client information remains secure.

The best tools for public sector case management

Every case or program manager needs a complete set of tools to do their daily work. Our software is fitted with all the tools your organization could need, and totally configurable to accommodate unique processes and requirements.

Some of these tools include:

  • Workflows: CaseWorthy workflows are designed to make the process of inputting and modifying information as fluid and seamless as possible. Any information that a worker needs to add into the system about a client or service can be input with a few clicks and form fills. Once the information is in the system, it’s accessible. This tool also features automation to put all data immediately in the right places.
  • Customizable dashboards: The CaseWorthy dashboard is the main hub for case management in our system, and it’s designed to show whatever information you most need in one place, with the option of quickly finding other information that may not immediately appear. You can keep track of every client and every program with just a few clicks.
  • Assessments: Our software makes it easy to determine clients’ needs from the start. Our case management assessment tool can take their information and instantly begin determining which programs they’re eligible for and how those services may need to be delivered. This helps with building personalized programs and managing cases over time.
  • Reports: Many public sector organizations are large and require tight budget control and reliable communication to maintain operations. Our reporting features provide the ability to quickly and accurately present data in multiple formats and templates. This way, anyone in authority can access the most recent numbers, statistics, and program progression metrics with ease.
  • Security and compliance: As with any other organization that handles sensitive data and personally identifiable information (PII), public sector organizations need to have set security standards in place to ensure compliance with the law and safety for clients, such as HIPAA and HUD compliance. CaseWorthy’s data protection and encryption features are state-of-the-art and comprehensively monitored in order to avoid errors, shutdowns, hacks, and other compromising situations.
  • Portal: One of the easiest ways to collect client information in a public sector organization is by providing a front-facing client portal. Clients can create logins, fill out forms, sign documents, learn about programs and services, and contact a case manager, all from one resource. And since it’s linked to the entire case management system, once they submit information for one program or service, they’re integrated into the system and won’t have to resubmit that information.

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