Helping educate children is one of the most impactful things you can do to help the next generation. CaseWorthy makes it easy to track progress and create positive outcomes.
Provide resources tailored to each child’s distinct educational needs within one platform.

The work you do to help children learn is invaluable. Every child is different and has different needs and strengths, and it’s important for schools and teachers to have the right resources and plans for guiding children as they grow. The teachers you support have the unique opportunity to help children learn, and love to learn. We’re here to support you and do what we can to make it easier to access the data you need when you need it. Not only that, we’re here to assist with networking so you can make the connections necessary across other organizations to give kids a boost wherever they may need it.

CaseWorthy can provide a variety of tools and resources for students, educators and caseworkers alike, helping establish an environment that promotes classroom learning and personal growth.

Our data management features can be tailored to fit many educational environments. We know you don’t just see grades when you look at a student—you see a unique individual with their own path to success. There are many people involved in this path, from parents and teachers to guidance counselors and school nurses. A solution that includes all perspectives of a child’s education and general wellbeing can help determine where children need the most support as they grow. That’s why a flexible, customizable tool like CaseWorthy is ideal for getting a holistic view at a child’s experience in and out of the classroom.

CaseWorthy includes helpful features that assist with educational programs and childhood development. Some of these include:
  • CaseWorthy Portal: The portal is an easy-to-access online location where students, parents and educators can all input information about the child’s learning needs. From this add-on feature, caseworkers can take this information and create actionable steps to guide children along the right path for them.
  • Compatibility with other services: If a child could benefit from more than just educational help (i.e. nutritional or behavioral health services), caseworkers can easily see that and offer those services.
  • Advanced communication: To form an educational plan that works, caseworkers need to be able to communicate effectively with students, parents and educators. Through email, text messaging, document uploading and more, your organization can work to form a cohesive action plan to help students navigate their educational journeys.
  • Inter-organizational cooperation: Often, a student’s educational needs go beyond the classroom. They may have needs that a school system can’t provide, so it’s important to connect them with organizations that can assist. CaseWorthy makes it easy to combine resources with other organizations in order to meet these needs.
  • Advanced case note functionality: Our case note system is as convenient and accessible as possible, which is why CaseWorthy offers the ability to take notes anywhere, on any devices, and includes dictation support.
  • Secure and simple service check ins/check outs: CaseWorthy supports service tracking that helps determine when and how students engage with the services provided for them. This includes automation features such as ID scanning, attendance tracking, student data input and auto-scoring of assessments.
We can help make it easier for you to offer programs that provide impactful solutions for a child’s needs.

Our case management tools are built to provide solutions that go beyond just the classroom. Through enrollment in Head Start programs and other daycares and preschools, we can help set an early educational foundation. As they get older, we also empower school systems to leverage guidance counseling services in an effort to equip children to overcome whatever challenges they may be facing. Additionally, we offer support for after-school programs, tutoring, GED prep and guidance toward workforce or higher learning goals. All of this and more is part of our firm belief in a holistic approach to education and child development.

Create an environment where educators and parents can work together to uplift students, using tools that are designed to make the process as smooth as possible.

With CaseWorthy, it’s easy to see how a student is doing and make changes to their education plan/IEP. When a student is supported, it can make all the difference in their unique learning path. Also, when parents, educators and students alike can take part in forming this plan using the data that CaseWorthy gathers and processes, it becomes much easier to help provide for students’ needs.




  • Customizable dashboards: See all student information in one convenient place, including demographics, grades, incident reports, goals and much more. This is the main hub for determining next steps in a student’s education journey.
  • Assessments: Our numerous included assessments can help determine where a child’s skills lie and what kind of educational support they may need. These assessments compile student data so you can create actionable goals and steps that caseworkers can use to determine what services each child needs.
  • Reports: Keep track of the status of each child and their progress in an easily accessible format for other staff members and partner organizations. Our wide range of report formats enable rapid input of information in order to present it in a cohesive manner.
  • Incident Tracking: In order for an educational plan to be successful, it needs to have room for unplanned incidents, setbacks and changes in student needs. CaseWorthy makes it easy to take note of these incidents and integrate solutions to them into each individual case.
  • Grants, funding and time tracking: Your organization depends on accuracy and detail to continue providing the services it does, so we make it easy to track time, do advanced calendaring and keep track of budgets.
  • Workflows: Pre-set forms help speed along the process of data input and automatically organize information about each student so it can be seen and referenced rapidly throughout the system. Your caseworkers can use these workflows to create connections to family members, approve or deny services, see client notes and histories and much more.
  • Security and compliance: Much of the information processed through the schools and education features of CaseWorthy is sensitive and must be kept private. For this reason, we keep all data on our secure servers, meet compliance regulations and collaborate with your organization about who can see what information.

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