The senior clients you serve deserve the best care your organization can provide.
When providing care to senior clients, you’ll need to keep track of a lot of details. CaseWorthy makes this easier than ever.

The seniors you care for are unlike any other clients you will have. They’ve been through a lot and have many needs for your organization to meet. Providing compassionate care for them can truly make a difference in their lives.

Senior care is one of the most complex fields in the medical and nonprofit sectors. Each day, you have the opportunity to provide for the senior community’s unique needs, such as affordable and accessible housing solutions, nutritious meals, transportation, access to healthcare and well-managed medication, rehabilitation solutions and fitness options. On top of all this, the administrative duties that you perform must preserve privacy and confidentiality and meet HIPAA compliance standards. Because of this, proper data tracking is absolutely essential.

Caseworkers require a solid data management system that can streamline the entire process. CaseWorthy offers a one-stop data entry and management system to keep track of every detail.

Many of the services your organization provides to senior clients are catered directly to their age group, and from there to each individual. The decisions you make every day will significantly impact their care. That’s why CaseWorthy is designed with a simple, intuitive user interface that gives you access to every tool you need at the click of a button. Each little detail that makes up your patient’s story will come together to give you a big-picture perspective so you can better meet your patients’ needs.

  • Individualized care plans: Create a wellness plan catered to each of your senior clients, which can include healthcare, medicine, meal planning, transportation, in-home support, exercise and much more.
  • Shift notes: Since your organization likely has multiple staff members caring for multiple senior clients, it’s important to keep client notes for each shift organized. This includes filing reports and leaving notes for the next caretaker to find. It also means keeping changes in a care plan straight so you can keep the services you provide consistent. CaseWorthy supports voice note-taking and advanced data sharing so client information is accessible to anyone who needs it.
  • Medication management: Distributing medication is a sensitive service that requires extreme attention to detail, and CaseWorthy helps ensure that each dose is given correctly. It can also show recent history of medication administration and track any changes that have been made, to ensure maximum health and safety for senior clients.
  • ADL and IADL Checklists: These features assess your senior clients’ everyday personal care activities and independent living activities. It provides you with accurate information to develop a care plan that can help provide the appropriate type and level of assistance for their needs.
Your organization will need a comprehensive set of high-quality case management tools to serve your senior clients. The tools we include are designed to meet your needs now and in the future.

Our case management resources are highly advanced and automated, making data entry as simple as completing an automated, streamlined workflow. Then, data is automatically stored and analyzed in a logical way. Additionally, the entire system is fully customizable according to your needs through our apBuilder™ functionality. Some of the tools we include with every system we provide are:

  • Customizable dashboards: Every piece of information you need to see about a senior client is easily accessible from CaseWorthy’s simple, intuitive user interface. Gather analytics and use the data to create care plans and provide services to your clients.
  • Assessments: Our assessment system makes determining your senior clients’ needs as easy as possible. The data gathered from this system will help your organization understand your clients’ current state of wellness and create an effective wellness plan. This enhances your staff’s ability to determine how and when to use the resources your organization has available to serve your clients.
  • Reports: Senior services generate a lot of data that must be compiled in reports. From incident reports to HIPAA compliance to budget data, CaseWorthy makes compiling and sharing data in this way simple and easy. We include lots of different formats that are sure to meet your needs.
  • Grants, funding and time tracking: Many of the senior services your organizations provide are reliant on funding streams that must be closely monitored. This means paying close attention to budgets and hours and ensuring that leadership members know exactly how these resources are being used. CaseWorthy offers tools especially for this purpose to help with time tracking, calendaring and grant management.
  • Workflows: CaseWorthy seeks to make the behind-the-scenes work of a caregiver or caseworker as efficient as possible so they can focus on their relationships with clients, guardians and their families, and the automated workflows included with the software make that possible. From simple data entry to viewing a panoramic view of clients and their needs to inputting budget numbers, this system has what it takes to cut down on paperwork time and still improve productivity.
  • Security and compliance: We know that one of the biggest concerns in this day and age for any client is the safety and privacy of their information. Nonprofit organizations also often have the government and private sponsors to answer to, so we ensure that all data put into the CaseWorthy system is securely stored, easily accessible and compliant with every standard necessary.

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CaseWorthy is your modern, full-service answer to your case management needs.

Your senior clients deserve the best care you can provide, and CaseWorthy makes delivering that care as fluid and seamless as possible. If this sounds like a good solution for your organization’s needs, contact us today!

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