Social work case managers play invaluable roles in care coordination and support services for society.

What is case management in social work?

Social workers empower people to live their best lives through advocacy and a variety of care and support service work. The social work profession encourages social change and well-being by evaluating complex situations of hardship and aligning resources and care.

Many social work professionals come from interdisciplinary backgrounds, aiding their ability to serve a wider community. Social workers measure their impact across multiple variables and organizations through care coordination to ensure any care plan provided is effective in solving their clients’ needs.

Case management has been a crucial part of the social work profession for more than a century. Today, social workers rely heavily on a case management process to streamline care coordination, organize case notes and other information, and maintain proper documentation of their clients’ needs.

CaseWorthy enables social workers to evaluate, plan, track, and measure the impact of human services provided to clients easily and efficiently. Social workers can monitor numerous variables to optimize community resources and care plans to serve society.

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Social work case management software

The right social work case management software can dramatically improve a social worker’s day-to-day routine. A 2006 NASW benchmark study showed that social workers spend more than 50% of their time doing case management. By streamlining the case management process with smart automation and a centralized database, social work case management software can save time and reduce redundant tasks.

Case notes contain sensitive personal information that’s protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which is why they must be securely stored. Cloud-based, encrypted software stored on private servers provides the best level of data protection. Social work case management software with HMIS capabilities is essential if you’re working with clients experiencing homelessness.

CaseWorthy’s flexible platform is designed for social workers to capture and manage the information they need to serve their communities using evidence-based practices. CaseWorthy’s software is even built with client-facing features that enable clients to input information and access resources and care services they need, reducing social work professional input.

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Social work case notes example

Social workers are responsible for writing comprehensive and factual case notes to make data-informed care decisions and evaluate progress. Social work case notes also help care providers document what care was delivered and document the case management process for each client’s needs.

Social work case notes have numerous components that help the social worker remember what occurred during a visit. Case notes often emphasize key information discussed with the client such as specific symptoms expressed, treatment strategies, resource use, and any legally-relevant information.

CaseWorthy enables social workers to capture case notes effectively and efficiently with automated workflows to ensure data is entered correctly. Social workers can capture client details with any device and save them to the client’s profile through a secure cloud network.

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Evidence-based practice social work

Evidence-based practice social work can improve client outcomes. Initially applied by clinical social workers, evidence-based practice social work is now implemented by nonprofits for a variety of human service offerings.

Evidence-based practice social work is guided by: well-researched interventions, clinical expertise, and patient values. Evidence-based practice models are continuously evolving as new data, and best practices emerge within the social work, mental health, and health care spaces.

CaseWorthy supports the use of evidence-based practice social work by tracking outcomes for cases, storing client details, and progress in one place. The data is stored safely and securely as you build growth plans upon your client’s success.

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CaseWorthy offers a suite of features that help social work case managers like you operate efficiently

You’ll never have to worry about having the right tools for the job when you use CaseWorthy. Our platform offers a robust set of useful tools that are completely customizable from the first day you implement the platform. In this way, CaseWorthy as a case management solution will grow with your organization and adapt to your complex needs. Some of the basic features CaseWorthy offers include:

  • Customizable dashboards: Our easy-to-use interface enables highly efficient case management documents and client/service tracking. Your data is all kept in one place and organized simply, intuitively. All features are available through convenient menus with just a click. So whether you’re handling human services such as health care services, food pantries, family counseling, and disaster recovery, there’s a way through CaseWorthy to lighten the workload.
  • Case note and document management: Some of the most important social workers do is captured in case notes, from introductory client information to incident reports to how they’ve progressed over the course of time as a result of a program. That’s why efficiently managing and creating case notes is first nature for CaseWorthy. With typing and dictation abilities both included, along with the ability to quickly take client information and turn it into actionable insights, goals, and plans, your staff can make the most of their time and resources to streamline the whole process.
  • Assessments: Identify information about your clients, from their most pressing needs to their skills and level of self-sufficiency. These assessments are designed to determine what human services will best work for each individual client’s needs and well-being and create actionable steps to guide them in meeting their goals.
  • Reports: Compiling data in report formats is an essential part of case management, so CaseWorthy makes this process as simple as possible, with many templates available to choose from and simple data entry processes to build them out. These reports provide metrics and insights for the client and your organization’s future.
  • Grants, funding and time tracking: We know that your organization values its most essential resources, time and funding, on a deep level. That’s why we make keeping track of budgets and hours easy, with support for calendaring, grant management, and transparent fund use tracking.
  • Automated Workflows: CaseWorthy workflows shine in simplifying case management tasks. Using smart, streamlined data entry and requesting tools, you can quickly add useful information about clients at any time and use the resulting data organization to build productive cases and relationships with clients.
  • Security and compliance: Your clients’ safety and privacy are always top of mind in the CaseWorthy solution. You are always in control of who has access to the sensitive information you put into the case management database. We work hard to ensure that your work meets compliance and security standards so you never lose data or risk it falling into the wrong hands. We also support evidence-based practice social work so you can track data securely to serve your client’s through this model.
  • apBuilder™: The apBuilder™ toolset included within CaseWorthy is one feature that enables it to be highly configurable in-house. This tool allows your organization to create shortcuts, access new features, and set up further automation that enables your caseworkers to take their minds off the paperwork and keep them on their clients.

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