Volunteers are at the heart of your organization, and managing their time and work is essential to your mission. We’re here to make overseeing your workers easier.
You need an effective way to organize and direct the volunteers who help you on a day-to-day basis. CaseWorthy makes accomplishing this a cinch.

Every nonprofit or humanitarian organization benefits from the dedication and commitment of volunteers who give up their time and energy to make a difference. This positive energy and willingness to work is a vital resource for your organization. Keeping up morale by placing people where they’re suited is crucial to finding the right direction to meet your goals. With so many individuals giving their time to help your organization, you’ll want to ensure that they’re in the right places at the right times, doing whatever is needed. Managing volunteers in this way requires quality logistical support and a high level of communication.

CaseWorthy is your solution to properly managing volunteer hours and workloads. It creates a simple, intuitive hub of information that your organization can use to gather volunteers, delegate tasks and manage time.

We help make managing your volunteers simple and efficient, as it should be.

CaseWorthy comes with many built-in features that can streamline your organization’s volunteer intake and assignment process. Not all of your volunteers need to be used in the same jobs, so we help organize them into roles based on their skills and interests. Some of the tools we use to accomplish this include:

  • CaseWorthy Volunteer Portal: Using the online Portal, one of CaseWorthy’s premiere features, your organization can connect with potential volunteers and get them set up in your system. Your staff can have them complete applications and background checks and fill in forms with personal information. From there, once the volunteers are approved to work, you can start assigning them to tasks that best suit them.
  • Calendars: Organizing volunteers takes far more detailed work than just telling them to be at a certain place at a certain time. That’s why we have a sophisticated calendaring and time tracking system built into our database. You can use it and the many tools associated with it to assign volunteers to specific tasks and see what kind of progress they made during their time working.
  • Volunteer Tracking: Similar to how CaseWorthy can help keep track of your clients, it can also help you keep track of your volunteers, putting all their information in one place and presenting your staff with up-to-date information on their availability, work history and other essential information. It also makes communicating with them much easier, as CaseWorthy supports email and text communication.
Other CaseWorthy Tools and Features

CaseWorthy is a complete solution for any nonprofit organization looking to improve its workflow, and volunteer management is just one of many places in which our services shine. Some of our other stand-out features include:

Customizable Dashboards: Along with helping caseworkers keep track of their clients, CaseWorthy’s dashboard interface is also designed to help your organization keep track of volunteers, their work and all of the information you collect on them (i.e. demographics, background checks and work history). Our document management features also allow the input of scanned documents and signatures., signatures, fingerprints and other biometric data.




  • Assessments: CaseWorthy’s built-in assessments provide easy ways to organize volunteers and assign them to work that best fits their needs and/or skillset. It also helps with tracking their progression as volunteers over time, especially if they become more and more involved and begin to do more work.
  • Reports: Our comprehensive reporting tools allow you to present information about your volunteers and the value of their work to fellow caseworkers and nonprofits, along with organization leadership. Advanced metrics and form fills allow for rapid generation of these reports.
  • Grants, funding and time tracking: Keeping track of the amount of time volunteers have worked and the amount of money your organization has saved or spent because of them is imperative when it comes to getting access to funding and grants. CaseWorthy’s calendaring and time tracking features make this simple and efficient.
  • Workflows: Input and update information on volunteers through CaseWorthy’s automated form-fill workflow integration. This feature allows the rapid and accurate submission of information to the database, where it can be compiled and smartly organized in such a way as to keep it fully within reach.
  • Security and compliance: CaseWorthy offers top-notch security and compliance standards for helping keep your volunteers’ information safe and private. All information is stored on our secure servers to ensure maximum accessibility. Additionally, we offer built-in compliance features for any program you would need to stay accountable to.

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Volunteers are essential to your organization’s success. CaseWorthy builds on this with maximum efficiency to keep your workload as manageable as possible.

Our software offers robust tools and analytics to keep your volunteer workers organized and efficient, ensuring that they feel as though what they’re doing makes a difference and that you’re not short of manpower. If this sounds like a solution that could work for your organization, contact us today!

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