Letter from the President – It matters what we say!

As we embark on the final three months of this political roller coaster, one thing is very apparent; change for vendors like CaseWorthy, Inc. or service providers is coming. We have had eight years of similar policies but every new regime creates some concern about how it will affect funding going forward.  Regardless of the incoming party, we will need to learn the strategies that best position our market to continue offering needed services in our communities. It is very important for CaseWorthy to be a steward in our market and offer advice to service providers on trends across the country.  Two areas of focus will be possible alternative funding sources and new ways to measure goals and outcomes based on what funders are currently requiring.

As a personal point of view, “it matters what we say” is my quote for the day.  As a vendor, how and what we say to clients is critical for our success.  Our word, when responding to our clients, is our bond and that holds true with anything in life.  How we speak to our children, our spouses or our parents truly does matter. It demonstrates our unfiltered feelings and that is priceless.  As we march toward November we need to pay close attention to both candidates as to what and how they say things.  Their unfiltered responses matter most…..  Consistently backtracking over and over again days after the initial comments should be something we all need to weigh in on.

In closing, we remain very excited on the future for both vendors and providers serving the social service market.  Change allows the nimble and well run organizations to better themselves in the future.  To self-analyze what has and has not worked in the past is critical.  At CaseWorthy we look forward to the challenges that lie before us.

-Scott T. Argeris 


CaseWorthy, Inc., Serving the Faith-Based Community

As the long summer days come to an end, we are all sad to say goodbye to the fun activities and vacations we have enjoyed.  Here at CaseWorthy, we have enjoyed watching many of our clients serve those in need with summer events and camps – especially in our faith-based organizations. With the tools of CaseWorthy™ at their disposal, those serving in faith-based organizations are empowered to concentrate on those in need – instead of being debilitated by the challenges faith-based organizations face. CaseWorthy™, proven to be easy to implement, a powerful tool to help manage organizations reaching out with compassion to provide guidance, counseling, education, job training, shelter, and more. Ultimately, it is the crucial difference between ministering and administering.

City Union Mission, one of CaseWorthy’s faith-based Community Partners, is making a profound difference in the lives of the impoverished and chronic homeless youth in the Kansas City Metro area with a wonderful program that allows children to have fun, learn life lessons and just be kids!

Each summer more than 650 children from impoverished and homeless families throughout the Kansas City metro area enjoy bright sunny days filled with love, laughter and the opportunity to make new friends at our residential summer camp. They sleep in clean, safe beds and are provided three nutritious daily meals and wholesome snacks. In chapel, at campfires and during quiet times with caring Christian volunteers, they learn about Jesus Christ and how he can help them build bright futures. Boys and girls ages 7 through 16 attend Big Camp, where they take part in swimming, fishing, hiking, arts and crafts, and other exciting adventures. In our Tot Lot, youngsters 4 through 6 are provided with appropriate summer-camping clothing and swimsuits and enjoy story times, tea parties and pony rides. Weekly sessions are held throughout the summer months for young campers as well as families.

Click below to visit the 2016 Camp CUMCITO page for more information.


CaseWorthy, Inc. meeting the needs of Social Impact Bonds

Social Impact Bonds (SIB) have been the topic of discussion for nonprofit organizations seeking to fund programs and serve the community at large. The federal government has issued a number of these bonds as a means to improve and ensure the achievement of outcomes for poor and vulnerable populations around the country.

In the article titled, The Potential and Limitations of Impact bonds:  Lessons from the first 5 years of experience worldwide it states: “Impact bonds bring together elements of these various strains of thinking and policy action into one instrument. Over the past five years, since the first SIB was implemented, an exponential growth in the number of deals has occurred in the developed world. While we are still in the very early stages of this market with much remaining to see and learn, our examination of 38 existing deals provides grounds for cautious optimism.”

As the federal government and nonprofit providers continue to seek innovative ways to finance and deliver services more efficiently and cost-effectively, SIBs will have more of a presence among nonprofit organizations. However, the requirements of tracking the progress of service delivery, outcomes and impact will most certainly rise with the onset of SIBs.  If you are an organization that has received an SIB, CaseWorthy™ is the state of the art innovative advanced case management software solution you need to help you demonstrate your outcomes and satisfy the requirements established for SIB recipients.

To learn more about CaseWorthy™ and what it can do for your nonprofit organization, please call (877) 347-0877 to speak with a CaseWorthy, Inc., representative or visit us at www.CaseWorthy.com


CaseWorthy, Inc., exhibiting at the 2016 Community Action Partnership Annual Convention in Austin, Texas

CaseWorthy, Inc., is excited to announce we will be exhibiting at the upcoming 2016 Community Action Partnership Annual Convention August 30th – September 2nd in Austin, Texas.  We are looking forward to seeing many of our current customers as well as having the opportunity to meet and have collaborative discussions with many other CAA’s from all over the country. 

As a multi-agency solution, CaseWorthy™ promotes comprehensive collaboration.  The goal is to help strengthen partnerships within the Community Action Agencies by allowing the various providers, funders, and community organizations to aggregate information in a secure, central database.  All this is accomplished using the scalable, highly customizable and easy to use CaseWorthy™ application.

Come visit CaseWorthy at Booth #201 for a chance to win a FitBit™ Fitness Band and learn more about how CaseWorthy, Inc.’s advanced case management software can help you.

Hope to see you there!

AUSTIN, TX: The Settlement Home for Children partners with CaseWorthy, Inc. for the Outcomes data management of their suite of Residential, Transitional Living and Foster Care and Adoption programs and services.

2016 is proving to be a very exciting year for The Settlement Home for Children in Austin, Texas. Not only are they celebrating their 100th year enriching and positively changing the lives of the children they serve but they recently announced the selection of CaseWorthy, Inc. as their comprehensive, Advanced Case Management database solution for their diverse programs and services listed below…

  • Residential Treatment Center and Therapeutic Group Home Program, which provide intensive therapeutic intervention for residents who have experienced severe emotional trauma, abuse and neglect.
  • Transitional (Independent) Living Program, which supports young women in efficiency apartments while they pursue independence through higher education and work experience.
  • Foster Care and Adoption Program, which involves relationship matching that helps foster and adoptive parents and the children in their care form long-term, nurturing, healing and healthy relationships.

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