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Why ServTracker by CaseWorthy Is the Ideal Solution for Meal Deliveries

At CaseWorthy, we aim to offer a configurable case management platform ideal for health and human services organizations. Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to make a majority investment ServTracker, a leading software solution that specializes in service coordination for the aging population. We are thrilled to start incorporating ServTracker alongside CaseWorthy’s robust case management platform. If your organization provides meal deliveries or works with the aging population, we know you’ll love ServTracker. 

ServTracker by CaseWorthy


ServTracker by CaseWorthy for Meal Deliveries

ServTracker by CaseWorthy is a comprehensive solution ideal for organizations that serve the aging population and provide senior services. But where ServTracker excels most is in meal deliveries. Planning, prepping, and delivering meals involves a lot of manpower and attention to detail. ServTracker was built to streamline all aspects of meal coordination for the aging population, and it’s now a module available as part of CaseWorthy’s powerful case management software suite for senior services.

What Makes ServTracker Special:

Mobile Meals Delivery App. Getting fresh meals delivered consistently and on time involves a lot of moving parts. Routes shift and change, and volunteers may not always be consistent. With the Mobile Meals delivery app, you can keep track of which meals need to go where and when they’ve been dropped off. Volunteers can download the app and load their routes in, tracking each meal drop off as they go. The app is easy to use and available for iOS and Android devices.

Nutrition planning and segmentation. Every body is different, and ServTracker allows you to indicate unique dietary restrictions and nutritional requirements. Since everything is in one place, it’s a breeze to ensure meals are prepared appropriately and get into the hands of the right clients.

Volunteer coordination. Whether your organization focuses solely on meal deliveries, or it’s one of many services you offer, you have lots of volunteers to manage. This is one area where ServTracker lends itself beautifully to what we’ve always offered at CaseWorthy – a platform where you can identify where you need volunteers, who is available, and do all your scheduling in one place.

Partnership with the leading meal delivery organization in the United States, Meals on Wheels America (MOWA.) ServTracker has been recognized as a preferred software solution for MOWA for years. ServTracker has been rolled out in hundreds of MOWA routes across the country, and we’re highly familiar with how to train and implement our solution for delivery-focused agencies.

Congregate meal management. ServTracker by CaseWorthy can also assist if you offer congregate meals. We offer barcode scanning so clients can easily check-in and receive meals aligned with their nutritional needs.

Your One-Stop Shop for Senior Services Case Management

The ServTracker module in CaseWorthy is just one piece of the puzzle. Health and human services organizations amass vast amounts of data daily, and that data tells the stories of the clients you serve. In partnership with CaseWorthy, ServTracker clients can manage complex cases with ease. 

With the complete baseline feature set of CaseWorthy, you can:

  • Submit and verify referrals for holistic case management.
  • Experience best-in-class reporting features.
  • See the whole picture of your clients with detailed profiles and case notes.
  • Consolidate your organization’s data in one secure, cloud-based location.
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