ServTracker by CaseWorthy

Data & Service Tracking for Aging Service Agencies

Bringing together the leading innovator of case management technology and the leading software provider for Senior Service Agencies, empowering users to have a greater impact on our communities. 

CaseWorthy and ServTracker make for the best of both worlds! CaseWorthy’s best-in-class solution for case management for Health and Human Services agencies is reinforced by ServTracker’s solution for senior services, meal delivery and home-based services.

Together, we have hundreds of years of combined staff experience working in and with nonprofits and government agencies. We use this experience to provide agencies with the best solutions to meet their unique needs.

Coordinated Care For Senior Services & Home Based Services

Portal for Clients, Providers, Insurance agencies and other stakeholders access to critical data that flows throughout CaseWorthy and ServTracker

Administrative Tools to manage clients, service authorizations and scheduling of services

Advanced Case Management Configuration Toolset for multi-service agencies to manage their data and modify collection or reporting needs over time

Automated Meal Delivery tracking and streamlined case management via a mobile solution

Best-in-Class Reporting Platforms to analyze data on the individual, program, organization and community-wide levels

Interoperability between CaseWorthy and ServTracker provide a complete system integration

Streamlining Aging Service Agencies with Data & Service Tracking

Seamless integration between our systems provide true interoperability.

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