Communication Platform for Case Management

CaseWorthy is now offering CommHUB—a state of the art communication platform designed for case management. CommHUB makes it easier than ever to create meaningful connections among case managers, clients, and data administrators in a secure, customizable environment. 

Your organization does vital work every day that is surrounded and built by conversations. In this age of technological advancement, we believe it’s more important than ever to have clear, compliant paths for communication, while maintaining privacy and accountability. We believe that your case management software should facilitate this communication, not hinder it. Relaying important information at the right time is vital to the success of your programs and the quality of your clients’ experiences.

That’s why we created CommHUB. Our platform offers ways to communicate within your case management software, so you can connect with clients and peers, while still having access to important data you may need.

Help your organization connect with peers and clients alike

CommHUB includes multiple channels that help your organization connect with peers and clients alike offering various cutting-edge features to replicate everyday communication in a secure environment ideal for case management. We built this software from the ground up, and CommHUB is fitted with advanced communication methods that the modern world demands. As technology advances even more, CommHUB will, too. CommHUB currently offers:

  • Security Measures: We understand that the work you do often contains sensitive information, and all communication must be private. With CommHUB, your data administrator can incorporate parameters so a user can only access permitted contact information and communication outlets. CommHUB is protected by stringent security standards so your organization can remain compliant with confidentiality and legal guidelines, whether they be HIPAA-related or necessary for client safety. Our servers are monitored continuously so that any errors or glitches can be dealt with quickly. These security measures are especially helpful when coordinating care for senior clients or communicating with vulnerable populations like domestic violence survivors and people who are homeless.
  • Chat Rooms: In many communication scenarios, the heart of the conversation takes place in a chat room or a thread of back-and-forth messages. Our chat function makes it easy to collaborate with teammates or converse with clients. Connect with as many people as you need through text messaging while maintaining your client’s privacy. Like with any CommHUB feature, your organization can determine who can communicate with whom at all times. 
  • Video Conferencing: Video chat has become an everyday communication channel in recent years. Since it’s also more accessible than ever, it is often a preferred method of communication between organizations both internally and externally. Much like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, this video conferencing tool has built-in options for streamlining conversations that simulate face-to-face meetings.
  • Accessibility: A user can easily access CommHUB through the CaseWorthy system and dashboards using the CommHUB button, because collaboration may need to occur at any time. Additionally, it can be used to complement the CaseWorthy Portal feature, should your organization choose to use it. Our software makes it simple for CommHUB to work with every service and program your organization provides.

Other Important Features:

  • Record conversations: CommHUB keeps track of all text conversations—and will soon do the same for video—so accountability can be maintained, reminders can be set, and information can be sourced or referred back to.
  • Share and store data: File-sharing is easy with CommHUB. CaseWorthy’s secure server helps ensure that information disbursal remains confidential and private.
  • Scheduling: CommHUB links to individual calendars so meetings can be scheduled, reminders made, services provided, and time tracked. This also allows case managers to schedule follow-up appointments and take notes within the system that can be referred to later.
  • Fully Configurable: Like the rest of CaseWorthy, CommHUB is configurable according to the needs and services of your organization. It will also be regularly updated so more configurable features will become available.

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