Compassionate Communication from Anywhere

Caseworkers depend on frequent, compassionate communication even when physical contact is not safe or feasible. CommHUB is a powerful chat tool designed to boost user efficiency and elevate client results.


“These features help case managers understand each individual’s unique experiences”

Elevate Communications and Streamline Collaboration

CaseWorthy CommHUB empowers organizations with a transformative communication solution designed to elevate your organization’s efficiency.

Effective communication is vital for client success. Our upgraded chat tool minimizes delays and enhances outcomes for both your team and clients, ensuring smoother interactions and better results.

Streamline collaboration, scheduling, and task management with our user-friendly interface. Facilitate secure and seamless communication among team members, ensuring everyone stays informed and aligned. Drive productivity with integrated tools for better decision-making.

CommHUB Use Cases


Workspace Chat

Instant Messaging for Easier Communication

The chat function makes it easy to collaborate with teammates or converse with clients. Connect with as many people as you need through chat rooms or text messaging while maintaining your client’s privacy. Like with any CommHUB feature, your organization can determine who can communicate with whom at all times.

  • Mobile supported chat functionality
  • Real-time communication
  • User management and communication controls

Calendar Management

Streamline Appointment Details and Communication

Use the calendar features to link to individual calendars so meetings can be scheduled, reminders made, and services provided. This also allows case managers to schedule follow-up appointments and take notes within the system that can be referred to later.

  • Schedule and communicate appointment details
  • Automate appointment accepting or cancellation
  • Track notes, set follow up appointments, and more
Client Intake

Security & Operations

Standardize Intake Processes

We understand that the work you do often contains sensitive information, and all communication must be private. With CommHUB, your data administrator can incorporate parameters so a user can only access permitted contact information and communication outlets.

  • Continual server monitoring for errors
  • Secure file storage for text and video conversations
  • Secure file sharing

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CaseWorthy has provided our organization with a flexible case management platform that enables us to meet the ever-changing needs of the community.  As we pursue our mission to overcome obstacles to work, CaseWorthy provides us with functionality to nimbly respond to the system needs of these programs.

Director of Data, Goodwill of Central and Coastal VA

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To put it simply, CaseWorthy is one of the greatest virtual storybooks ever made… but for organizations. It tells our stories in a unique way by capturing each client we serve, every program and service we provide, and all of the deeper connections that exist between the two.

Salina Chiles, Data Manager, Goodwill Washington DC


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