Managing Healthcare Caseload in Whatever way works best

Our software modification tool grants you total control to update, and/or customize your case management system.

Your organization should have the ability to manage its caseload in whatever way works best. This means you need a flexible toolset that you have complete control over. The highly diverse nature of nonprofit programs and services means that your organization needs to be able to build its own workflows and systems for managing its clients. Finding a case management toolset that works for your current needs is one thing, but finding one that you can rely on for years to come, complete with updates, add-ons and customization options is another. This configurability is where our software shines. We know that you want to focus as much as possible on your relationships with your clients, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to do whatever tasks need to be done. That’s where the CaseWorthy apBuilder™ function comes into play.

apBuilder™: A fully integrated software modification feature

Our apBuilder™ feature is the “secret sauce” behind CaseWorthy’s innerworkings. Rather than keeping all of the behind-the-scenes software development in-house, we’ve created this feature so that your nonprofit can do most of its ongoing software configuration by itself. And whatever can’t be done through apBuilder™ can be done by contacting us. With apBuilder™, you can organize your dashboard layouts, assessments, reporting functions, client profiles and many other features exactly the way you want. apBuilder™ was designed to increase convenience for organizations like yours by allowing you full control over updating and developing your case management techniques. Some of the functions apBuilder affects include:

Workflow management:

CaseWorthy automated workflows are designed to streamline data entry, but using apBuilder™, you can take this functionality even further by personalizing forms, creating rules and structures that fit your needs, and adding further efficiency to your day-to-day operations.

Program management:

All of the information and tools that you use for keeping track of your programs and services can also be fully automated and configured through apBuilder™. The ability to tweak settings, edit presets and turn features on or off will be immensely helpful as you modify or expand the programs you offer over time.

Budget management:

Managing your grants, funding, accounts and program allotments is made much simpler through the use of apBuilder™. Set reminders, alerts, spending limits, eligibility terms and much more in order to keep your monetary resources as well-balanced and monitored as possible.

Client management:

Through apBuilder™, there are many ways to view and organize client information. Set up rules about who has access to what information, and manage the services you offer your clients in conjunction with our eligibility engine, reports and assessments.

Our software is designed to give you complete control over how you use it. And if you have any questions, just ask!

CaseWorthy is designed to work without much need for intervention from us. We’ve built it so that it’s easy for you to make necessary changes independently within your organization rather than waiting on us to update or add a feature. Your designated system administrator and the CaseWorthy account manager that we assign to you will be your go-to helpers for any assistance you may need. If CaseWorthy seems like it could be the right solution for your case management needs, contact us today!

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