Ultimate Data Freedom and Flexibility

Get total control to configure your data to meet your specific needs with CaseWorthy apBuilder™. This easy to use, robust toolset enables your organization to grow and adjust your data based on a multitude of diverse client, program, and service needs.


“The apBuilder interface makes it so easy to upload the report and add query parameters on the form”

Configure your system to best meet your needs

The CaseWorthy apBuilder™ tools are innovative, self-service features that empower you to modify and customize your CaseWorthy application without relying on external vendors or developers.

As an integral part of the CaseWorthy Case Management software it enables you to choose how you want to collect, view, and report on your data specific to your organization.

Use our proprietary tools to create and edit data fields, configure online forms, referrals, reports and more. Reduce your administrative burden, increase your productivity, and improve the quality of service delivery.

Each apBuilder is an Enhanced Option to add-on to your CaseWorthy application. Talk to your account manager or request a demo here.

apBuilder™ Use Cases

Form apBuilder

Collect the Best Data for Your Organization

Form apBuilder creates and customizes forms for data collection and entry. Design your own form layout, add, and edit data fields, set validation rules and default values, and configure form actions and triggers. You can also import and export forms from other sources or templates.

  • Control form fields to collect the data you need
  • Customize forms and reports to view your data
  • Ensure clients receive the right help with accurate forms

Query apBuilder

Tailor How you Data is Viewed and Reported on

Query apBuilder builds and executes queries to retrieve and filter data from your database. Leverage SQL expressions or graphical tools to define your query criteria, parameters, and output fields. You can also save and manage your queries for future use or sharing.

  • Configure data and reporting requirements
  • Build lists based on specific criteria
  • Ultimate data visibility and control

Dashboard apBuilder

Customizable Hub/Starting Point for Users

Dashboard apBuilder creates and customizes dashboards to display and monitor your data in a visual and interactive way. Choose from various widgets, such as charts, maps, tables, lists, and more, to present your data in different formats and perspectives. You can also adjust the dashboard layout, style, and theme to suit your preferences and needs.

  • Improve data visualization for all users
  • Create central dashboards for organizational alignment

Workflow apBuilder

Standardize Intake Processes

Workflow apBuilder automates and streamlines business processes and workflows. Define workflow steps, conditions, actions, and transitions using a drag-and-drop interface. You can also assign roles and permissions, set notifications and reminders, and track and manage your workflow status and progress.

  • Standardize processes across your organization
  • Simplify manual tasks
  • Improve data quality and collection

Role apBuilder

Secure Your Data with User Roles

Role apBuilder enables you to manage and control the access and permissions of your users and groups. Create and edit roles, assign users and groups to roles, and grant or revoke permissions to access and modify data, forms, queries, dashboards, workflows, and other features. You can also view and audit the activities and logs of your users and groups.

  • Improve data security for with role-based permissions
  • Set specific access criteria to protect your data
  • Know what your users are accessing

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CaseWorthy makes a large number of reports available but you also have the ability to create your own if you’re familiar with SQL and the SSRS tool. We added a handful of our own since the apBuilder interface makes it so easy to upload the report and add query parameters on the form.

Organization Manager, Non-Profit Organization Management for Goodwill Industries

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