Reach More Clients and Improve Response Rates

Improve your ability to connect with clients by automating forms and links to speed up information gathering and increase response rate. CommLINK is a powerful feature that enables users to send intake forms, release forms, capture signatures, and more via text messages or email.


“We didn’t want clients to have to tell their story every single time they walked in the door because that is really frustrating. CaseWorthy helped us solve that.”

Quickly Gather Information for Better Support

CaseWorthy CommLink enables users to send links to clients, users and entity contacts which allow the recipient to complete forms and workflows. When the recipient saves their work, the data is immediately available in CaseWorthy.

The virtual links increase your ability to gather information and improve response rates which ensures you’re able to support individuals better.

CommLINK Use Cases

Virtual Client Intake

Streamline Client Information Gathering

Virtual client intake fosters support for individuals in need, offering streamlined processes and enhanced accessibility, ensuring a compassionate and efficient connection in a digital era.

  • Common Intake Forms
  • Assessment Details
  • Information Release Forms


Instant Messaging for Easier Communication

Documentation via CommLINK ensures efficient record-keeping, enhances accessibility, and supports individuals in need by facilitating accurate information management, and fostering a responsive and client-centric approach.

  • Required Documents & Notes
  • Signatures

Data Management

Keep Client Records Up-to-Date

CommLINK helps keep data and client records organized by streamlining intake, allowing for automated updates, and giving individuals more control over their information.

  • Updating Client Records
  • Adding Family Members to Client Records
Use Text and Email to Engage Your Clients


Use Text and Email to Engage Your Clients

Empower client engagement with surveys, referrals, and more, enhancing interaction for individuals in need.

  • Surveys
  • Registration for Classes, Events, and Workshops
  • Referral Updates

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CaseWorthy has provided our organization with a flexible case management platform that enables us to meet the ever-changing needs of the community.  As we pursue our mission to overcome obstacles to work, CaseWorthy provides us with functionality to nimbly respond to the system needs of these programs.

Director of Data, Goodwill of Central and Coastal VA

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