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Delivering More Than Meals: Empowering Care with Technology

Say goodbye to paper logs and manual tracking. Streamline home-delivered meal programs, ensuring efficient, accurate, and compassionate care for every recipient.


“We’ve been able to cut down on paper consumption and time printing tons of route sheets and barcode sign-in sheets because of the mobile meals application.”

Delivering Smiles, One Meal at a Time

ServTracker Home Delivered Meals App is more than just a delivery tool; it’s a platform for building stronger communities and ensuring the well-being of those in need. By empowering volunteers and program coordinators with technology, your organization also delivers care, connection, and peace of mind.

Features Include:

Automated Route Optimization: Save time and fuel with AI-powered route planning.

Detailed Client Profiles: Access medical information, dietary needs, and preferences for personalized care.

Volunteer Engagement Tools: Motivate and reward your volunteers with gamification and communication features.

Home Delivered Meals App Use Cases

Effortless Delivery

Every Address at Your Fingertips

Remove paper route sheets and streamline route planning with online maps, directions, delivery information all with real-time updates from HQ.

  • Intuitive Online Maps
  • Clear Directions and Details
  • Real-time Route Updates
Home Delivered Meals App
Home Delivered Meals App

Seamless Confirmation

Track Each Interaction for Better Insights

Tracking service data has never been easier. Enable your drivers with clear actions to track their deliveries and related information. Develop insight-based reports to improve program efficiency.

  • Capture Signatures and Confirmation
  • Record Related Notes and Needs
  • Track Meal Status with Ease

Personalized Care

Every Meal, Tailored with Love

Access detailed client profiles, including dietary restrictions, preferences, and even medical information. Deliver the right meal with every stop, ensuring optimal care and satisfaction.

  • View allergies, preferred foods, and portion sizes
  • Monitor special instructions and medical conditions
  • Show your clients they truly matter with personalized attention
Home Delivered Meals App
Home Delivered Meals App

Volunteer Motivation

Fueling Dedication with Fun

Keep your volunteers engaged and appreciated with recognition tools. Track progress, celebrate achievements, and foster a rewarding experience for all.

  • Award points for completed deliveries and milestones reached
  • Recognize top performers and encourage friendly competition
  • Boost volunteer morale and retention for a thriving program
Home Delivered Meals App

Available on IOS and Android

The ServTracker Home Delivered Meals App is available for iOS and Android devices. A subscription is required before activating your account.

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 ServTracker’s mobile meals app allows for better communication between the office staff and our clients, as they can see at a glance and quickly estimate when the driver might be arriving to that client’s home.  This streamlines our operations and actually allows for better communication between the drivers and office team.

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