Language Translation

Improving User Experience

We believe in enabling an empathetic product for its users across the platform. We understand that many of our clients serve individuals and families where English is not the first language, so we’re bridging that gap by offering the ability to translate the application suite into 115+ languages.


“CaseWorthy meets the needs of diverse community organizations in our Continuum of Care.”

Remove language barriers and support your community!

Caseworthy’s Language Translation enables organizations to support users and individuals in their language of choice. All forms are translated to help ensure both accurate and efficient data entry by users and clients.

Opting to enable the Language Translation feature will allow individuals and families to more easily apply for the services they need to meet their goals. This option will also enable multilingual employees to use CaseWorthy in their first language.

Supported Languages

We can translate the CaseWorthy application suite into 115+ languages.

Language Translation

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We gained a lot more than a basic case management system. Our Community selected CaseWorthy for its user-friendly interface, secure data platform, and affordable cost. The baseline CaseWorthy product is fully “built out” with hundreds of features and capabilities.

Director of Fragile Families Initiative, Community Council of St. Charles County

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