Mobile Home Care App

Elevate Home Care, Simplify Operations

Provide compassionate home care without the hassle of complex service tracking. Our user-friendly app empowers efficient care, accurate data, and improved client satisfaction while reducing paperwork and management costs.


“The addition of the mobile app then rocked our world.”

Elevate Care for Every Visit

Tailored for home care organizations, the ServTracker Mobile Home Care App is versatile for various services. From personal care to home health care, it integrates seamlessly with the ServTracker software, fostering collaboration and data sharing for a comprehensive home care solution beyond just an app.

Deliver high-quality services to your clients and collaborate and share data with other agencies, funders, and partners.

Mobile Home Care App Use Cases

Client Management

Accurately Record Management for Improved Outcomes

Easily manage your client’s information to optimize the support you’re providing. Include relevant data, identify referrals, and much more to improve client outcomes.

  • Create and update client profiles with demographic, medical, and social information
  • Record referrals and service authorizations from various sources and programs
  • Conduct assessments and care plans using customizable templates and forms
  • Measure outcomes and satisfaction using score-based questions and surveys
Mobile Home Care App
Mobile Home Care App

Employee Scheduling

Coordinate Compassionate Care

Simplify your scheduling and employee task efforts with our easy-to-use app. Ensure everyone has the same information and up-to-date assignments to support home care needs.

  • View and edit employee schedules by day, week, or month
  • Assign tasks and services to employees based on availability, skills, and preferences
  • Send notifications and reminders to employees via email, text, or phone
  • Use GPS navigation and verification to track employee locations and check-in/out times
  • Capture client and employee signatures to verify services delivered

Service Tracking

Better Tracking for Program Insights

Enhance your service data tracking to understand where your programs are having the most impact or if there are opportunities for improvement. Make service and delivery tracking easy for your staff.

  • Log service detail and delivery information
  • Track hours and mileage
  • Generate notes for related information
Mobile Home Care App
Mobile Home Care App

Billing and Reporting

Automate Tasks, Gather Insights, Improve Performance

Improve billing processes with our intuitive app interface. Leverage powerful integrations to ensure your services are appropriately billed for. Use all of your data to generate better reports for operational analysis.

  • Generate invoices based on the services delivered, and send them to clients, funders, or partners
  • Integrate with accounting systems and third-party payers, and automate payments and collections
  • Access a wealth of reports and analytics to monitor and improve your performance and quality

ServTracker Mobile Home Care App Details

Available for iOS and Android devices. A subscription is required before activating your account.

Compliant with HIPAA and other privacy and security regulations.

Supports Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and other state and federal requirements.

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Gone are the days of handwriting turn-by-turn directions. Our volunteers are now using a GPS guided mobile app to deliver meals. The volunteers like the convenience and we love that we can see these deliveries in real time. Using ServTracker means that we have the tools to grow our services.

Client Services Operations Manager, Feed More, Inc.

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