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Connect and Communicate Anytime or Anywhere

Connect with your clients, partners, funders, and volunteers anytime, anywhere with the CaseWorthy Web Portal. A customizable and secure online platform that allows you to communicate, collaborate and coordinate with all the people involved in your work.


“With CaseWorthy’s portal, we have moved all of our records to a custom configuration and eliminated all the redundancy & errors that go with paper registration.”

Empower Your Stakeholders to Achieve Their Goals

CaseWorthy’s Web Portal is an enhanced option to the CaseWorthy case management software, designed for nonprofits that need to interact with different audiences and organizations.

It enables you to create and manage online forms, documents, calendars, schedules, reports and dashboards that can be accessed by your clients, partners, funders and volunteers from any device with an internet connection.

Web Portal Use Cases

Web Portal for Clients

Efficiently Communicate with Clients

Establish regular and effective communication with your clients. Use our Web Portal to improve staff and resources limitations, as well as address privacy and security concerns.

  • Online forms
  • Direct messaging
  • Service matching
  • Self- service options
  • Notifications and alerts
Web Portal

Web Portal for Partners

Seamlessly Collaborate with Partner Organizations

Work together with other nonprofits, government agencies, and community groups to offer comprehensive services to your clients. Our Web Portal eliminates data silos, redundant efforts, and enhances coordination and transparency.

  • Data sharing
  • Eligibility verification
  • Referral management
  • Resource directory
  • Collaboration tools
  • Performance management

Web Portal for Funders

Fast and Easy Communication with Funders

Sustain your operations and programs by streamlining communications and reporting with your funding sources. Simplify application processes, identify additional funding opportunities, and meet reporting requirements.

  • Funding approval
  • Funding request
  • Funding reporting
Web Portal
Web Portal

Web Portal for Volunteers

Effortlessly Manage Volunteers

Take volunteer management to the next level. Use our Web Portal to simplify your volunteer management processes and communications to ensure your volunteers have the details they need.

  • Volunteer registration
  • Volunteer scheduling
  • Volunteer training
  • Volunteer supervision
  • Volunteer recognition

Ready to Get Started?

Learn why health and human service organizations thrive with CaseWorthy. Our expert team is ready to consult with you on the unique needs of your organization.

CaseWorthy has provided our organization with a flexible case management platform that enables us to meet the ever-changing needs of the community. As we pursue our mission to overcome obstacles to work, CaseWorthy provides us with functionality to nimbly respond to the system needs of these programs.

Director of Data, Goodwill of Central and Coastal VA

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