Each of these solutions is purpose-built and tailored to a specific use case in the health and human services industry. Get up and running quickly with industry-specific solutions that are designed to empower organizations from day 1.

Case Management + Aging Services

Unleash the power of integrated case management and data analytics to make informed decisions, improve client outcomes, and enhance service delivery for older adults.

HMIS+ Solution

Our industry-leading solution streamlines HMIS, empowers data-driven insights, and fosters seamless collaboration for greater impact.

SNAP Employment & Training

Empower caseworkers with easy-to-use tools to manage multiple clients’ information, create online resources for job seekers, and monitor holistic client progress.

State Unit on Aging

Comprehensive platform designed specifically for State Units on Aging (SUA) to aggregate fragmented data, ensure optimal funding allocation, and demonstrate clear impact and outcomes for older adults.

Workforce Development+

Transform workforce development programs to help job seekers find quality jobs and improve financial capability.

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