Maximize the ROI of your Case Management Software

Working in a nonprofit means you handle a seemingly-endless stream of tasks to ensure your clients get the attention they deserve. To accomplish this superhuman feat, you need to maximize the value you’re getting out from every resource you have available. If you can’t, you’ll lose precious time and miss opportunities to help your clients in a meaningful way.

One of the most powerful tools at your disposal that you may not fully utilize is case management software—these platforms can automate manual tasks, reduce human error, help you maintain compliance, and so much more. But all of these features are meaningless if you aren’t using them correctly (or at all).

That’s where we can help—for nonprofit employees like you, CaseWorthy provides a scalable data management solution that streamlines the delivery of human services. We build our software with you in mind so you can get back to what matters most—your clients.

Below are five ways to maximize the ROI of your case management software that every nonprofit employee should know. We guarantee the last one will surprise you.


Reduce human error with custom case management data checking

How often do data-entry mistakes cost you or your nonprofit’s clients valuable time and resources? With virtual case management software, you can minimize data entry errors that may arise when inputting dozens of details into a case.

We know you understand the importance of getting details right the first time. The more time you spend correcting mistakes means there’s less time you can spend with clients.

By utilizing software that actively prevents mistakes, you can be sure everything is entered correctly. Case management software offers features you need to use such as:

  • CaseWorthyAutomated workflows to ensure data is entered correctly, the first time
  • Detailed client profiles that contain the information you need to help them in one place
  • Client tracking for items such as medication, program attendance, and family records
  • Centralized data storage that reduces the likelihood of duplicate entries
  • Compliance tracking to ensure everything is entered correctly
  • Advanced assessment tools for determining client needs, skills, and eligibility

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Work from anywhere with cloud-based case management software

Nonprofit work involves travel for visiting program facilities or meeting clients in person. When outside your normal workspace, you need a flexible and reliable way to enter, manage, and share information. That’s often an overlooked feature for cloud-based case management software.

Cloud-based case management software can feel out of place when your work normally involves manual tasks. We know what it’s like to write case notes for a client profile only to realize they’re barely legible, or to think of something you’d like to include in a client profile with nowhere to take the note down.

Cloud functionality means no more lost or difficult-to-read information that requires manual entry. No more struggling with software that doesn’t auto-save your work, adding unnecessary time to your work. With cloud-based virtual case management software, you can:

  • CaseWorthyRecord case notes with text entry or dictation that save to the cloud (all through compliant software!)
  • Convert client information into actionable goals on their profile
  • Record client profile changes to update the system from anywhere
  • Create and share forms with clients in minutes from any device
  • Did we mention autosave? We get it—we’re double-checkers too.

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Save time by automating workflows

Nonprofit case management is hectic enough—the tools you use shouldn’t add more stress to your day. Virtual case management software can empower you with flexibility and stability by automating your manual work.

Automated workflows function via an “if this, then that” coding system. You can maximize the value you get from your virtual case management software by automating the manual tasks you perform frequently.

You can use automated workflows to handle:

  • CaseWorthyOrganizing tasks for all clients and cases
  • Sending alerts for client interactions or profile updates
  • Entering client info and instantly creating a list of programs that meet their needs
  • Automate assistance for clients filling out a form or application, including eligibility requirements
  • Simplify the data collection and analysis process
  • Schedule reminders, alerts, spending limits, eligibility terms to keep your finances in check
  • Populate reports with data instead of manually inputting key points

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Get easy access to comprehensive reports

As a nonprofit, you need to provide visibility on all data, records, and dollars in your system. To get that visibility while maintaining compliance is not easy to accomplish manually, especially with hundreds of data points involved.

A hidden benefit of virtual case management software is that you can easily manage and access comprehensive case and data reports. Your organization makes an incredible impact on your clients’ lives—reports can show that impact in data to raise funds and expand your support offerings.

Some of the best ways to leverage reports to demonstrate the value of your nonprofit include:

  • CaseWorthyCreate detailed client profile reports that provide all the information you need to help them in one place
  • Build custom templates tailored to your organization so you can create them more quickly in the future whenever you need them
  • Leverage the reports you create when you’re applying for grants

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Meet your clients where they’re at with customizable virtual case management software

Now more than ever, nonprofits are interacting with clients virtually instead of face-to-face. Your case management software should make it easy for staff members and clients alike to complete tasks and even meet online. If your nonprofit is performing more virtual case management tasks, your platform must be secure and should flex to the needs of your team and their clients.

Some examples of how you can add value to your case management software by amping up virtual features include:

  • CaseWorthyCreate a client-facing portal for enhanced accessibility and streamlined processes
  • Personalize forms so clients can complete them on their own time wherever they are
  • Meet and chat with clients using a communication hub that’s compliant and safe

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