Must-Have Features for Home Care Software

Today, at least 34% of the U.S. population is currently over the age of 50, and many elderly people can benefit from home care services. Client-centric and attentive home care can provide much needed-assistance, relief, and comfort to seniors aging at home. Home care software like ServTracker by CaseWorthy supports case workers as they deliver tailored, client-specific care to senior patients.

With home care case management software, social workers can streamline service delivery for clients aging in place. Home care agencies often juggle a range of clients living in multiple locations. A cloud-based software solution offers one centralized location to store client data, track progress, and perform other service-related tasks.

Must-Have Features for Home Care Software

Multi-Channel Communication

Case management for seniors involves many moving parts, oftentimes among multiple providers. Home care software with built-in virtual communication features can facilitate multi-channel communication accessible by case workers, physicians, and external specialists serving the client. Streamlined communication ensures all team members assigned to a client case are up-to-speed and allows for clients to receive quick, quality care.

Must-Have Features for Home Care Software

Real-Time Case Monitoring with a Mobile Home Care App

If your agency serves clients that age in place, your work doesn’t happen exclusively in an office. Case managers need to be able to access information and facilitate services anywhere their clients’ needs take them. A mobile home care app allows case managers to easily coordinate services from a phone or tablet. Most home care apps have built-in functionality to maximize efficiency as case managers navigate multiple clients and various destinations.

  • Access directions to and from clients in different locations
  • Build custom dashboards that can display schedules, client profiles, and more
  • Pull detailed reports based on activity logged in the app
  • Receive approval on changes to care plans
  • Take detailed case notes in real-time that are uploaded to a secure, cloud-based database
Must-Have Features for Home Care Software

Medication Management

About 90% of the senior population takes at least one prescription medication. Medication reconciliation capabilities include creating and accessing customized care plans. With this feature, providers can ensure safe medication ordering and distribution, and case workers or nurses administering the medication can give proper doses at the correct times with accurate records.

Must-Have Features for Home Care Software

Administrative Support

Running a home care agency involves dozens of workflows and processes to follow, but a software solution may be able to streamline various administrative tasks. While home care software certainly helps boots-on-the-ground workers when they’re interacting with clients, that’s not all it should do. Your home care platform can help you mobilize your team and streamline cumbersome tasks.

Must-Have Features for Home Care Software

ServTracker by CaseWorthy Can Do It All

ServTracker by CaseWorthy is a configurable home care software solution built for the way you work. We pair best-in-class case management software features with unique modules developed to assist agencies serving the aging population. With ServTracker by CaseWorthy, you can:

  • Offer better care to your clients
  • Save time on administrative tasks
  • Track success and evaluate proof-of-impact 
  • Report on all services delivered

Request a demo to see how your home care agency can more efficiently provide higher levels of quality care.

Must-Have Features for Home Care Software

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