Nonprofit organizations like yours do important, world-changing humanitarian work, and we want to see you create positive outcomes wherever you can.

No matter what kind of work your nonprofit does, it needs to keep all of its information organized. From budget numbers to volunteer hours to approving clients for aid, your organization does a lot of hard, detailed work on a daily basis. You track what services are being used the most and which are being used the least, and what’s most effective. You monitor your inventory of supplies and accompany your clients along their journeys to the lives they want to live. All of these things require an eye for detail, a compassionate heart and a commitment to doing everything possible to remind them that they have someone in their corner advocating for them.

The diverse nature of nonprofit work necessitates that you have a fully-fitted case management  system.

This system helps ensure that you don’t miss details or deadlines and that your staff have ways to efficiently communicate with one another as they perform their duties. CaseWorthy is built to deliver all this and more with our baseline feature set.

You need a case and service management system that works well and saves you time and resources.

CaseWorthy is fully equipped to fit the bill! Right out of the box, CaseWorthy is incredibly robust. With CaseWorthy, you’ll get a huge volume of reliable, fully customizable resources. While we don’t often have to create new features for our clients, when we do, you’ll have access to them just like anyone else as part of our open-source sharing system.

  • Client and family records: CaseWorthy is a client-focused system, which enables you to see all of your services as they relate to each individual client. Any data you input about a client is immediately stored and organized in the most convenient and reachable places, and you can even keep track of clients’ family members, as well. This helps avoid unnecessarily repeating services, and it also helps you have more context about clients or their family situations. Having updated family records can even influence the services you’re able to provide, such as foster care, HMIS and career services data. You can also create automations and preset rules to make sure you don’t have to worry about missing data or invalid data errors.
  • Calendars and appointments: Serving clients wouldn’t be possible without scheduling meetings and actually spending time with them, building relationships and trust. CaseWorthy offers secure and intuitive calendaring functions that link with case notes, client profiles and many other important convergence points to help you access every tool you need right when you need it.
  • Eligibility engine: CaseWorthy offers a wide range of innovative automations, including our eligibility engine. This feature is built to help you rapidly determine which of your services best fit your clients’ needs, where volunteers can be staffed, and how well your programs are currently working. It can be fully configured through your organization’s system administrator and our proprietary apBuilder™ functionality. It’s built to make the most of the programs you offer while also firmly rooting them in such a way that you have full control and oversight of them.
  • Data sharing: Our case management system is built with complete interoperability and coordination in mind. You’ll be able to share important data with anyone as needed based on your chosen preset rules. Through email and text messaging, collaboration features and much more, you’ll find communicating and transferring client and program data from one place to another faster and more secure than ever before.
  • Identification tools: CaseWorthy offers custom badge-making templates, barcode scanning and signature integration to make identifying your clients and getting their legal consent for various programs easier than ever.
  • Case note management: Some of the most important work your staff does is first captured in case notes, from introductory client information to incident reports to how they’ve progressed over the course of time as a result of the programs they’ve been involved in. That’s why efficiently managing and creating case notes is first nature for CaseWorthy. With typing and dictation abilities both included, along with the ability to quickly take client information and turn it into actionable insights, goals and plans, your staff can make the most of their time and resources to streamline the whole process.
  • Approvals and denials: Since CaseWorthy is designed to grant you full control over what happens within your organization, it makes sense that our approval and denial systems are so in-depth. With the ability to configure and automate them, you’ll be able to cut down on errors and provide services to clients with a high level of efficiency.

CaseWorthy’s baseline features are highly versatile and provide major value to every organization that partners with us. But that’s not all we can do.

The same tools we have for all of our clients, we have for you. Our platform-spanning resources and efficiencies are here to help you make the most of your administrative work and assist you in building better relationships with your clients.

We truly believe our nonprofit clients are all working toward the same goal—making the world a better place.

That’s why we want to make sure that as we expand our feature set, we offer everything we can to all of our clients.

  • Customizable dashboards: Our user interface is designed with ease of use in mind. Intuitive controls, easy-to-locate buttons and clear organizational tabs make reaching the information you need at any given time as straightforward as possible. All the information you need is right where it’s supposed to be at any given time.
  • Assessments: Working hand-in-hand with case note functionalities and our eligibility engine, our assessments tool offers a way to gather important information from your clients through a series of simple forms and questionnaires. The different kinds of assessments we offer cover just about any base you might need and provide an efficient way to organize data service to service and client to client.
  • Reports: Much of the administrative work behind case management involves compiling data through reports and sending them to the people who need them. Whether you’re reporting to an executive board, the government or a funder, we offer lots of custom templates and options for simplifying the report creation process. Building reports is necessary, and we prioritize optimizing the process so you can keep your focus on your clients.
  • Grants, funding and time tracking: Of all the resources a nonprofit has access to, time and funding are two of the most important. Your organization is able to provide for its clients as a result of donations and grants, and the time your staff spends assisting clients is a vital metric of how well your organization is performing. That’s why we make grant management and time tracking as simple and straightforward as possible. Like our reporting tools, these tools are designed for ease of use and transparency of information. You won’t have to worry about budgetary concerns any more than necessary, and you can be certain of exactly what you’re able to do for your clients.
  • Workflows: Inputting and organizing client data is also simplified through CaseWorthy. We build automated tasks that you can use to input client and program data with ease. It maximizes the time you have on hand to perform other tasks and still keeps all the information you need in easy-to reach locations.
  • Security and compliance: Privacy and confidentiality are key parts of working with your clients. They give you sensitive personal information so you can assist them and trust that it won’t be compromised. That’s why we place a high priority on data security. Any information you enter into CaseWorthy is stored and protected on our servers, which use the latest in technological security and accountability measures. Additionally, we help ensure compliance with local and federal compliance regulations so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary errors and setbacks with reporting or funding.

Our baseline provides a robust set of case and program management features built to make your workload much easier to manage. But it’s also fully customizable to your needs, something we enable your organization to do independently.

Using CaseWorthy’s tools and resources, our clients are able to provide the best possible assistance and support to those who need their help. Our software can do anything you need it to do, so you won’t have to look far to find a solution to your case management needs. If this sounds like something that could work for your organization, contact us today to schedule a demo!

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