Apply Plug-ins to Complete Your Case Management Portolio

CaseWorthy is a tool that’s fully capable of handling your complete case management portfolio. That includes working with other software tools and plug-ins as needed.

Sometimes, switching to a new case management system can be challenging because it means changing the way you work due to the software’s compatibility with existing processes. However, CaseWorthy is designed to work for and adapt to you. Since our platform is highly configurable, not only can it adjust to your workflow, it’s also fully capable of integrating with external software functions. This can help make a transition between case management resources much smoother and more seamless, as your staff can simply adjust their techniques rather than changing their work systems altogether.

Integrations with CaseWorthy

CaseWorthy works with a multitude of other technologies to give you the most value for your money and usefulness for your system.

In this age of rapidly advancing technology, you need a system that can keep up with how the world is changing. That’s why we make sure that our case management platform will work with many other common digital tools. Some of these include:

  • Microsoft Power BI: Data Visualization
  • DUO Security: Two-factor authentication
  • Exago: Reporting Engine for Enterprise wide reporting
  • Flexmonster: Reporting engine for spreadsheet style Pivot/Analytic reports
  • LIHEAP: Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
  • SAML: Active Directory and LDAP SSO integrations
  • Pay Fabric: Electronic payment processing
  • Medical billing CMS 1500 Form: Exporting/Mapping of data
  • Medical Billing Ansi Codes: Translating medical services into bills
  • Credco: Securely retrieve credit scores/reports
  • Scout: Now Workday Strategic Sourcing, it helps with developing RFPs, RFQs and RFIs
  • GNG authentication web service integration
  • Indeed: Job Match/Application integration 
  • HUD csv/xml
  • Google Maps: address lookup and verification
  • Atlas: Research and data analysis
  • Docusign: Schedule/manage signatures
  • DialogTech: In app calling
  • Twilio: Video Conferencing and bilateral texting
  • Nexmo: One way texts. Will be replaced by Twilio
  • Resume Maker: Helping people list out marketable skills and experience to apply for jobs
  • Tiny MCE: Rich Text Editor 
  • MailChimp/Active Campaign: CRM 
  • Learning Management Integration: Future, but coming
  • Twilio/Vonage – Communication Hub and/or texting (Licensing and per transaction fees, i.e. Twilio)
  • Database and Reporting Platform: MS SQL DB Licenses
  • Voice to Text: (Supported in Chrome Browser) Google API, but currently free, dictate case notes
  • YouTube Channel: Currently Free, post and monitor videos online
  • Jquery Full Calendar: Calendar Control
  • Abobe, PDF Pro and Html2PDF, ExpertPDF: PDF Exporting
  • Spreadsheet Gear: Export spreadsheets to Excel
  • Zoom: Video teleconferencing software program
  • WordPress: Open-source website creation platform
  • State of Georgia Gateway
  • CAIR: California Immunizations
  • Inspire Diagnostics: COVID testing
  • First Request: First Source Solutions Test Orders
  • Goodwill Industries International API
  • HMIS Standardized API
  • CASHD: Miami Dade

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